my 24 yr old only child

by maria

I lost my son favio in a car accident on January 14 2012.... he was my only child...I do not want to live anymore

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Apr 02, 2012
my 20 year old bro died in roAd accident on 14 march 2012
by: mridul chauhan

I dont how to come out from my lovely small. brothers death its totAlly crushed me ...2 I also dnt wanna to live but by seeing my moms face I cant...i have to live.but I know what is a pain of losing a young son or brother...and no one can come out of dis pain till hiz own death.. when u see any thing related to her or any thing similar to her you will definitely cry..and god u have no mercy....

Mar 27, 2012
with all my love

Hi Maria this is Brandons mom, you had a lovely son, i dont know god does this to such beautiful angels, i dont have words to console you 5 months have passed since my angel has gone and sometimes life is so unFAIR, I do hope you have a caring friend with whom you can talk about your son anytime you want to talk i m always there i think we greiving parents should stick together, nobody can understand the ain unless they have gone through it god bless u.

Mar 19, 2012
by: maria

thanks to all of you guys for your comments....If I do not do anything against my live at this moment if because I still have my parents and I want to bury them before they do to me...I still have the same felling...comes and go but is there like my pain...thanks a lot to you

Mar 15, 2012
Nicholas A Henderson 1982 - 2008
by: Nick's Dad

People say that they can't go on, life without the child is not worth living. I too had those similar feelings and even questioned why God had not taken me. Nick was 25 and had a headache that night. He had to have asked his neighbor for some medicine, as people often offer us what their doctor gave them. Anyway, he went to sleep and did not wake up. His wife of 3 years found him. I cried every day, but now after three years, I can talk about him without tears. I talk to him often, and one day I will hear his voice again. I cannot tell you how to "get over it"... I believe we should not even try to "get over it" One day and one tear at a time. Your child is always with you, they watch over you, and I am waiting for Nick to bring me 6 lotto numbers. Wouldn't that be something.

Nick's Dad

Mar 12, 2012
by: Bee-lieve ( Hope)


I know your pain and also how you feel. I lost my oldest on Jan 2,2012. He died of complications of diabetes and tere is nothing that I have ever experienced in my life that comes close to the pain I feel. Please know you are not alone.
You are in my prayers,

Mar 12, 2012
Dont' give up
by: Anonymous

Honor your son by living and keeping his memory alive. I know it's hard because I lost my son four weeks ago suddenly. It has crushed us. He left behind a wife and unborn son. The pain is so great, but please don't give up yet. I have to think that it will always hurt for us, but will not always be this bad. Please don't give up.

Mar 12, 2012
only child
by: molly

Hi Maria,
I am so sad to hear of your loss and it is with sorrow that I tell you I also lost my only son July 2011 he just collapsed and died while playing basketball. I too want to die, life just seems lacking of meaning and purpose. I wish I had the words to tell you how to cope and develop a new norm like everyone tells me. I have just been trying to keep really busy and try just to keep my mind distracted. I have tried therapist so maybe that might work for you, or join a bereavement group or work to support a cause. I am telling you all these things but I know that it is all just fluff stuff life can never and will never be the same I am hoping that you have the family, friends and strength that you will need to survive. Talk alot and let others know what you need. I wish you well.

Mar 12, 2012
I lost my son too
by: Krissy

I know how your feeling,theres nothing harder than losing your child, its something I wouldnt even wish upon my own worst enemy, Im still struggling to understand why this has to happen, we arent suppose to bury our children, they are suppose to bury us, your son is a very handsome young man, and my heart breaks for you, how do we go on without them? how are we to be happy again or enjoy the simple things in life when our child are no longer with us, I know people mean well when they say, " hes in a better place" or you'll see him again some day" those words dont really help, I dont want my son in a better place without me, I want him here, where his family is, where I am!! I dont want to wait another 30 yrs or so to see him again and when i do see him again how will it be? I want to see him here on earth, flesh and blood, smiling, laughing, running, playing with his dog Puppet, I know I am selfish but Im only human too, I understand it when you say you dont want to go on or to live anymore, somedays I dont either but I have to, I have two other kids at home who need me more than ever now, I know me telling you to be strong isnt much and probably wont help you but we are stronger than we know, and we will get through this just enough to live each day and maybe one day we can smile and actually enjoy it again, some day......God bless you, love and prayers

Mar 12, 2012
Missing my mom
by: Roops

Hi. I can't even imagine how u must b flng. After my mom even I don't Wana live but I guess GOD gives us some reason or the other to carry on. For me it's my father. But life can never b the same. I am not going to ask u to b strong or that time heals. I dint like it wen someone said it to me. All dat I can say is that unfortunately v were chosen to go thru immense pain n grief. Mayb u cud try talking to sumone who can just listen n not try n give too much of advice. I used to get so fed up that I stopped talking abt my mom. But that's not good coz it's better to talk. N I don't talk to my dad coz he s already so sad. Mayb sharing ur pain here mite help. I m also trying. So hang in there. V r all wid u. Tk cr.

Mar 12, 2012
I feel your pain
by: kay

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your handsome young son.I too felt that I could not go on....when I lost my son Dean in a car accident in 2010 ,it has been 22 months.I send you much love and strength.We have had the worst thing in the world happen to us.I have never felt so deep a pain when I lost my boy.I do not know how I got this far along.I still cry and think of Dean every minute of the day.I am thinking of you...I wish you peace and courage through the worst pain a parent could ever feel.Take one day at a time,thats all we can do.keep contact with this has assisted me so much.

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