My Amazing Companion - Always there

by Todd
(Pasadena, CA)

In Loving Memory of Earl

In Loving Memory of Earl

For the past ten years he's been there with me. Gently placing his front paws on my bedside in the morning as soon as he heard my breathing change. Greeting me with a little orange ball in his mouth when I came home at night. He'd look at me with a special glean in his eye, following me around the house relentlessly with that damn ball until I agreed to play. Sometimes it was our own special game of tag - chasing each other around the coffee table. Sometimes that ball wasn't to be found, so he'd run off on a search on not return until he had found it - no matter where it was, he always did. He seemed to always know where it was. The searching for it was part of the game for him. Finding it meant we'd spend more time together - two kids doing something which we knew an adult might disapprove. I'd always tire first. He'd keep going as long as I was willing.

Rarely out of sight, or perhaps smell. He was always there. On those days and nights when he seemed to know I needed just a little more affection and love he would sleep on the floor next to me. I read the paper and wrote in my journal every morning with him resting at my feet. I couldn't even take out the trash without him following me - as if he was going to miss something. Getting the paper in the morning, he was there. Always there.

Regal. Playful. Funny. Smart. Intuitive and kind. Full of more love and affection than one person could ever hope for. Not eating unless I was there. Waiting for me by the door when I was not. For ten years, we loved, lived and supported each other through life's good times and bad. Always there.

What an amazing dog. Our synchronicity was uncanny - or should I say un-canine.

I no longer hear his nails on the hardwood floor. His ball seems lonely. He no longer shreds the mail when it gets pushed through the slot. I no longer hear his barking at a distant foe. Nor do I see him chasing the squirrels up the trees or just watching them intently from afar. Whatever his distraction, he was always there.

He loved trips in the car - perhaps, because he was going with me and not being left behind. Perhaps as a reward, he'd walk up from behind and tickle my ear with his tongue, "Thanks for bringing me this time Dad!" And he always seemed to know when it was a trip he was joining. I'd even intentionally try to fool him - it never worked. He always knew.

How does one say good-bye? The only way seems to be with gratitude. Gratitude that, for the past ten years, he was always there.

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Jun 27, 2011
thinking of your loss
by: Anonymous

Earl was so lucky to have an owner like you. I don't know what I will do when our border collie mix passes away. She's going to be 16 in December and still here. She's deaf and has canine cognitive dysfunction, but still wags her tail, goes for short walks, likes to ride in the car. I just can't imagine. She was like a child to me all those years... always there to comfort me when sad, and always wanting to play !!! Border collies (looks like your dog may have had some border in him) are unbelievable... emotional, sensitive !
I hope you can heal and you know Earl and you were lucky to have each other !!!!!

Jan 25, 2011
My Best Friends
by: TrishJ

Todd~What a beautiful friend you lost. I've been an animal lover my entire life. We always treated our pets like they were our children.
My husband passed away two months ago while waiting for a heart transplant. I have this picture in my mind that our two pets (a Schnauzer named Zach and a huge Maine Coon cat named Tommy) were there to greet him when he passed onto his new life.

I'm so tossing around the idea of getting a puppy. I'm lonesome (although I have two grown young adult children, three beautiful grandsons, extended family and wonderful friends) I need something in my life to care for. The problem is the loss of my two pets was really as difficult as losing a family member. I don't know if I want to go through that again.

A pet is that truly unconditional love that you miss so much when they aren't there anymore. Hold on to your wonderful memories.

Jan 25, 2011
My amazing companion
by: Mari

What a beautiful dog, Todd. He looked to be very sweet and lovable. Ten years is a long time and he must have been a blessing to you indeed. He obviously had a fun loving spirit too.Earl must have brought you much joy.

I am sorry for your loss. I know it is a difficult time for you. Healing from any loss takes time.Give yourself that needed time. a day at a time.

Another thing is that you lavished love on Earl. He must have had a wonderful life under your care. You sound kind and caring.You are just what a pet needs. His un-canine behavior came from being loved.

The Bible says that the lion will lie down with the lamb so you know there will be animals in heaven. God made them for us to enjoy here and he loves them too.

Who knows? Someday you may have another pet, not to replace Earl but to love. You are a special person.

There are many wonderful people on this board to talk to and I hope you will keep posting.It really helps. Remember that God cares for you too. Every tear and every bit of sorrow does not go unnoticed by God.

We care too. We are here for you any time you want to talk. Take care of yourself.

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