My amazing Dookie

I first met Dookie in 2010; we took him home from the RSPCA when he was 5 months old after he experienced life as part of a litter that were used for baiting pit bulls. Prior to his life with us he'd never been in a space larger than a small dog carrier.

Despite his poor start, he flourished and revelled in being near any human. He was friendly to the point of overbearing, but I loved that about him. Whenever I cried he ran over to me and licked my face until I had no choice but to stop.

He had a few issues which I think are understandable considering his first few weeks in this world. He was neurotic and anxious but had the kindest, softest heart.

I can't believe he's gone, and my world is emptier without him in it. He sensed when I was sad and tried to cheer me up.

I miss him. I don't have any other words.

My heart is broken.

I love you.

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Jan 19, 2015
My amazing Dookie
by: Doreen UK

I am sorry for your loss of Dookie. Pets have emotions and feelings and can get depressed and each pet has a different personality which makes them so special. I had a beautiful relationship with 9 Cockatiels and I lost many birds before I gave them to a Rescue centre so that they could have a better quality of life in a larger environment. But I relish the experience that I had owning pets. Just loving them and seeing their daily habits and interaction was so very special. Oh! how I still miss those birds.
It is so painful when you lose a pet. We bond with our pets and they do also to us. I have such lovely memories but painful also for the times I lost a bird. One died in my cupped hands. Oh! How I cried and cried and thought I would never recover from this grief. But you do. I never replaced my birds because I did not have the aviary I planned so that I could keep them. But I do know that buying another pet is one way of keeping that relationship and cycle of love going. IT HURTS for some time but you do recover.
You gave Dookie love and care and a special life he would not have had without you. Hold on to these thoughts knowing that you made a difference in his life.
My sister will soon lose her Westie as he is dying of cancer. Oh! how sad this day will be and one we all dread. But life has a way of healing us and allowing us to go on each day. WE just sieze what pleasure we can from giving and receiving Love which is what relationships are all about.

Jan 16, 2015
by: Nadine

I'm so sorry you lost your beloved cat. He sounds like he was a real sweetheart. I have a few rescue cats myself and i know the heartbreak when losing one. Daisy, one of my Russian Blue cats, is very friendly, to the point sometimes of being annoying but i love her. I call her my big teddy bear because she is a big cat and so sweet. She thinks she should be a lap cat but she is too big to fit on my lap. She is a rescue also. I hope you can remember the good times you had with Dookie and maybe one day rescue another one. Take care. Nadine

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