My baby Casey 1996-2010

by Amanda
(Greentop, MO)

My beautiful Casey

My beautiful Casey

Casey was my "first born" as some people say. I picked him from several barn cats my cousin had....he was gorgeous. Definitely had a personality of his own and he would talk all the time. Wasn't really a cuddly guy but would lay beside you with some distance...but he was always there. He could sense when someone was sad or sick...he would lay closer to you and pay more attention in those situations, especially after I had my children. When I took him in to get de-clawed and neutered (he was always inside) the vet asked me where I got him and how much I paid for him. After I told him and asked him why he told me that Casey looked like he was full breed Maine Coon. Which of course he wasn't but definitely looked it. He was always a very healthy cat...never had any problems. In September 2010 I noticed one of his pupils wasn't dilating like it should but otherwise he was acting just like always. Figured it was cataracts and didn't think anything else about it. On October 18 when it was time to feed him he came from the kids' room and immediately I knew something was wrong. He would take a couple of staggering steps then fall over. And try again and do the same thing. Over the next couple of days he spent his time hidden under their bed but still came out to use the litter box. He stopped eating. I just knew I would come home from work and find him lifeless after work. On the 20th I called my vet (after two days of crying and crying knowing what was going to happen). He said it definitely sounded like a tumor and there wasn't anything we could do especially since Casey was 14. But he told me to bring him in the next day, Thursday Oct. 21, first thing in the morning and he would check him out and make sure it wasn't something we could fix. I knew it wasn't. That morning I put him in the pet carrier and the kids said their goodbyes and we all cried together. I was able to hold him while he fell asleep forever. He is now in an urn in my bedroom...I just couldn't let him go :(

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Nov 30, 2011
Thank you...
by: Amanda

Thank you Geoffrey for your kind words. I couldn't even make this memorial page for him without crying and it's been over a year. I appreciate your comment :)

Nov 30, 2011
Beautiful Casey
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Thank you for sharing about Casey, your story touched my heart, and the photo shows that he really was a beautiful cat. I understand your grief as i cried so hard over mine that my lungs hurt. They really are our babies. Love, from a friend in Pennsylvania

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