My baby died, I'm in tears I miss her so much

by Lauri



Hazel died May 3, 2009. Her name was Hazel she is a hamster. I loved her so much I only had her for 10 months that's it why I don't know why only 10 months.

She was bleeding on Friday night I cried I just cried. She was bleeding on Friday at night so we took you to the vet the next day Saturday they said you had a tumor. You went into surgery to remove it. I was so scared that she was going into surgery.

Then we got the phone call later saying she survived it and she's out of surgery. I was so happy jumping with joy, thought the worst was over. Thought life would just go on like it did before.

But then Sunday morning when I woke up to give your medicine I saw that some of your stitches were coming off. She started bleeding we called the vet she told us to put pressure on that area. We did we put pressure on it but she kept bleeding and her organs were just coming out. Our vet was not open so we rushed her to another vet. It was a long drive but she made it alive, my little fighter.

Mom had to drive the car so I had to hold you. I saw her organs I saw the blood in the kleenex that I was holding you with. I was crying and praying to ZGod don't let her die please, please don't let her. I kept telling her it will be okay it will be okay stroking your head and looking into your eyes. Then we got to the vet and I just ran in and handed her off to the doctor.

I thought I would go home with you but that was not the case. They took her in the back then let us go see her. She was on a warmer and a breathing machine. But they took the breathing machine off her when I entered the room. You could breath on your own so you were okay with it off.

I walked into the room and she knew me you did sob. She started moving when she saw me and perked up and I just cried I was like a baby. I couldn't hold her cause they had to hold her still cause her organs were hanging out. I stayed in the room for a while just petting her head and they said the organs were eating themself so we couldn't stitch her back up.

So we had to euthanize her. I was in shock, I didn't know what was really going on so I did not stay for her being euthanized. I kissed her head and told her I loved you those were my last words to her and then I walked out of the room. That was the best good bye I have ever done.

Our vet sent us a condolence card and the vet that we rushed her to gave us a condolence card too and did her paw prints. I loved her so much I just can't believe this happened.

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Dec 13, 2016
This is the worst pain I've felt in a long time
by: Anonymous

My baby Gus Gus died three days ago and I'm still so sad. He was my baby and I've been crying for three days straight. His death was very unexpected and I was with him as he died. Every time I look at his cage I can't help but burst out into tears. I loved him so much and it kills me that he died. fly high buddy😭🐹😇 -rip Gus Gus December 10th 2016

Mar 19, 2016
My hamster Killer
by: Anonymous

My white albino hair ball got bite in the leg by my other hamster. I seen her organs hanging out a little. The bleeding stopped so I thought it would be OK if we all could get over the part of her being in pain. One week later she was in her house laying to the side. I am so sad it's been four days and I seem to not be able to get over this.Its very painful to lose a little friend. I buried her with flowers. Missing and crying right now.Hope I can move on from this feeling

Dec 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

Im so sorry for your very sad loss.My hamster died 3 days ago and I never knew I could feel such pain,and he only had 6 more days until I had him for a year.I know how you feel its the worst.I know you posted this a few years ago,but u never completely get over the loss of your friend.

Nov 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry. I thought I was upset because my hamster died in my hands, but I know your pain is much worse. To be honest, i think that you should first of all have a good cry. And then when your ready go and get s new one! Trust me you'll feel better! I hope this helped! Sorry for your loss and let her rest in peace!

Feb 14, 2012
by: Hazel mom

Hi, thanks for your comments. Im so sorry about both your losses. Its very hard when we loose them I understand. Its okay to grieve and cry all you want. Good to know me sharing my story helped you. Im sorry to hear of your recent loss your teddy sounds special. They will forever be in are hearts. If you want to email me you can I love to help people and have been through pet loss 6 times. my name is lauri. Here is a chat that may help too.

Feb 08, 2012
My Teddy
by: Anonymous

My black bear hamster named Teddy died of old age on Febuary 2, 2012 on Thursday evening. I am emotional in grief of my pet hamster. Teddy was a very affectionate lovable hamster. I buried Teddy Friday Febuary 3, 2012 in the morning. I decided to put him in a wooden box placed him in a flower pot and honor My beloved Teddy with a memorial stone. Teddy i miss you very much and you will always be in my heart.

Jul 15, 2011
Your Statements Helped Me So Much
by: geoffrey

Your expression of grief helps me for I lost my little Miss Blue yesterday. She was a white Parrotlet that truely loved me. She wanted to be cuddled all day long, and cried to be with me. She would press her head against my fingers asking to held and caressed. When I would come home she would express cheerful greeting, bobbing her head up and down, just in joy of seeing me.
I am a mess, my heart throbs in grief, but finding that I am not alone, there are others who know what it is like. I miss her so much and the tears just do not stop. Thank you for your little expression of what it is like to love your pet, it really, really helps.

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