My Baby Sasha

by Shaune Fryer
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

We had a great golden retriever named Sasha. She was a difficult pup but as time went along she became more and more a part of the family. She unfortunately had a very bad fear of noises, thunder lightning etc. She had the heart of an angel and not a bad bone in her body.. always friendly and caring.In the mornings we would always get woken up with a lick or a nudge... then its feed me please ! She was eleven when she died, but you would think she was still a puppy. My wife would say " yes thats my Sasha , eleven going on two ! " We went out shopping this last weekend and on returning found only two of the three dogs at the gate. We were not to worried as they would sometimes lie on the sun further up the garden and not hear us. I was just about to go out the back door to look for her when i heard my wife screaming for me to come to the side gate. When i got there i found Sasha had tried to get through the gate and had wedged herself in so tight that she had suffocated herself. I had to break the gate apart to get her out. I was hoping that she was just in shock or something, but she was gone. We then heard the school up the road was having a sports day and the starter pistols must have caused her to try and get through the gate into the back garden.My heart sank and my wife cried and cried. At first i think i was in shock.. i couldnt cry,only anger filled me, it was the strangest thing.But a day on and i just cant stop crying and feeling very sad. I cant eat and dont feel like working either.Every time i think of her i just want to cry, i would give anything to have her back.. she was our special " baby Sasha " A piece of my soul has been ripped out and i dont think it will ever heal... This is the worst i have ever felt... i dont know how to make the pain stop. We are going to build a water feature for her. She loved swimming so much, This is sooooo hard..
Yes she was old, but she died before her time in such a gruesome way. If she had died of old age i think it would have been easier to handle, but this was such a waste! Until we meet again my Sasha,ill always be thinking of you! Love your Mom & Dad xxx

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