My baby son was taken from me, no warning of illness

by may acfalle perez
(agana guam)

My whole world turn into a nightmare when I recieved a call that my son who goes to the gym fell on the floor and had no pulse when they were trying to revived him.
I lost my mind started crying because the way I heard the message I knew my son was gone. Everything after that was pure shock. Not my baby please god if your there please help my son. But when I reached the emergency room his wife and daughter
said mom ,he's gone. It's been only a month since my son left us , but I go visit him every day ,and say the rosary and I talk to my son with tears rolling down my face I'lbe with you soon son and we will be happy again. I love my son so much that it's killing me inside. I can't seem to let go of him. He was a wonderful husband and father.

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Apr 22, 2013
Lost a son , no warning of illness
by: may A perez

Doreen thank you for taking time to read my story. I feel better that I am not alone in this world with a broken heart. This Time around it was my son. My precious son. HE was the the fourth
son, then two girls.I had two husbands that passed on. one from an accident the other from and Illness. And was also very hurt from
their death. But I've never experienced this magnitude of pain. I felt
like a part of me died, I will never see my son again, I ask the Lord why my son God, why? I was full of anger, But I guess we just have
to take things as they come. I am starting to take things one day at a time so I can keep my sanity.This web site is helping me to be a stronger person.The heartaches still come but I'm praying to please
stop this pain because it gets unbearable at times.

Apr 22, 2013
Thank you
by: may A perez

Thank you Kate 'your wordings are so kind. I am still
aching so much in side, I still visit my son and say the
rosary with tears steaming down my face. I want so much
for the pain to stop, but It keeps coming back. So I make it
a point to keep visiting my sons grave, because it's the only
think that I seemed to look forward to these days. I pray
that , no other person goes thru what I'm going through
because it's really hard mentally and physically. May God

Apr 20, 2013
Your son
by: Kate

I understand your words,your pain,your tears,sorrow and depth of it all. I lost my son 5 months ago and it is so hard to endure. I call God to help me over and over and I know. Not what to do. I am with you in your pain as a mother. One day at a time is all I know.

Apr 20, 2013
My baby son was taken from me, no warning of illness
by: Doreen U.K.

May I am sorry for your loss of your precious son. No mother can bear this pain of loss that is so unbearable you wonder when it will end. Mother's are for life and not when a son takes a wife. We will ache the same way as if they were a child again. I have an Adult son and I would feel the same way if I lost him. It is a mother's greatest fear and worry that she should ever lose one of her children. As mother's we will worry till the day we die, hoping God will keep our children safe and free from harm and danger.
I lost my husband to cancer 11 1/2 months ago and I still feel sad, lonely, lost, and unhappy living without him.
Every day they say is a challenge but I see it as just another day and let it unfold. If I feel inspired to do anything I will. Otherwise I just sit and watch T.V. and let it drown out the pain and sorrow of my loss. Do what you have to do and leave the rest till you are able to cope.
Life is just so daunting not knowing from one day to the next what and where our lives will take us.
May God wrap His Loving arms around you and comfort you in your sorrow and Grief and bring you Peace in the days, and months ahead.

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