My Baby the Hemingway that made my life

by Mimi DeGelorm
(St Petersburg FL)

babys 1st Christmas

babys 1st Christmas

My Baby saved my life 11-6-06 after horrible cancer radiation I found that the drug dealer behind thru her in my bougainvillea bush I heard small sounds & painful as it was I found the source she was 6 wks & on her back w/huge thorns n her back my mom hates cats but saw me w/her & said better get a litter box food & 2 the vet asap. As my birthday is 9-12 that's what they made hers. She thought she was a dog she played fetch brought toy back & she would do that 4 hours she would jump on my back if I was bent over & if I stayed that way she went to sleep. All handles in house are levers & she could open ALL the doors. I am SO grief stricken I was up all nite as I heard her crying but couldn't find her. She was fine last Friday by 10PM Saturday her breathing labored I rushed 2 all nite vet and 4 1700.00 bucks they would treat her then I needed another 558.00 b4 I could get here ALL WITH NO Guarantee she would live. Please somebody tell me what to do I want to be in heaven with her right now so much but my religion doesn't allow suicide I can't c this screen excuse typos
I am so lost it was all I could do 2 put her items in the garage I NEVER had this much pain over any of my pets
The ONLY thing saving me is "The Lord giveth & the Lord taketh away!"
Sleep well my precious angel, wait for mommy please, eternity without you is pointless & please stop crying in the house at night mommy hears you everywhere and sees you everywhere God rest your sweet soul
It's SO hard that you aren't sleeping with me every night like you did for almost 7 years how do I get over that?
I shall love you to eternity and back mommy placed your ashes on a special rose garden

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Jun 28, 2013
My Baby the Hemingway that made my life
by: Doreen U.K.

Mimi what a cruel and heartless person this was that they could have no regard for life and treated an animal in such a brutal way. I can feel your pain and sorrow and my heart is breaking with you over your loss of your beloved cat. I have owned pets and know how painful such a loss is. Most of us feel suicidal after losing a loved one or pet. We feel so crushed we don't want to live any more. We get through our sorrow only by taking one day at a time. Your beloved cat is out of pain now. I guess you will feel the greatest pain for how she died in such a cruel way. Now it is you who are left with the pain and loss. Your cat is not suffering anymore. We have to find our own way to cope with our loss and go through life. SUICIDE is never the answer. It solves nothing. Even although I can understand the feeling of ending one's life as a way of ending one's pain.
All we can do is lean more into God and seek his Peace and Comfort. Cry on someone's shoulder and get all the support you need. Every time we express crying we HEAL. You will recover IN TIME. You will become stronger. Keep a journal and write in it all the memories of your life with your cat. This is a very therapeutic way also of healing from your loss. Don't stop loving. One day you will find a way to love another pet and continue the cycle of giving and receiving love this way. Pets need love and care and who better to give it than people like you who care.

Jun 28, 2013
Your baby
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry you lost your beloved cat. I understand the depression you feel. I was surprised how depressed i got when i lost my cat about a month ago. My cat went missing and i couldn't sleep because i kept wanting to look for her in case she came home. She never did. Please stay strong and know it will get better. The Lord will help you through it and when the time is right you will be reunited.

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