My beautiful boys both gone in 1 night :(

by Chezza


Well for me my story starts at the point of buying for very first pet a black & white kitten (very much like the felix cat) when I was pregnant with my first child I guess you could say he was like my baby until my little baby arrived...We had called him Alfie!... By the way once my baby was born the love & affection for my kitty never changed he was a spoilt lil bugger.. Any way cutting to the chase when Alfie was almost 7 I was offered a blue & white beautiful boy Staffie bull terrier 10 months old needing a new home as he was sadly unwanted by his previous owner I guess you can say it was a typical case of someone who brought a cute little puppy who grew up and wasn't desired the way he used to be no more so I took him on and he was named Bronson he was loving and everything we could ever have wanted in a dog... So he become part of our family and lived alongside Alfie without a single problem... So skipping almost 3 1/2 years taking us up to that awful & gut wrenching events of 5/4/2013 ... All was perfect during the day kids were off school on their Easter holidays so that day we had been baking and decorating cakes and even feeding Bronson 1 cos he licked his lips so much we just had to give him a cake :) but shortly before 8.15 that evening I was upstairs putting laundry away when I heard the terrified scream of my children to which me and there dad rushed to see what was happening, you see Bronson was out in the garden doing his thing as normal... May I add he wasn't ever kept outside he was always with us unless using the yard for a wee.. But back to us reaching the back door the kids immediately told us how my little girl had opened the back door to allow our 10 year old cat Alfie out for a pee also but said upon putting him down outside Bronson straight away picked my cat up by the head/neck and had shaking him like a rag doll! But when we went outside Bronson was by the back door shaking and looking awfuly guilty and the cat was laid across the path I instinctively ran to help him and as I pulled my phone from my pocket to get vet assitance I could see Alfie was in a extremely bad bad way he kind of rolled his head toward me to which he gasped for air and I saw a huge pool of blood and I knew then he was never going to be coming back from this and before I'd punched the number he died :''( having children who were distraught by the events they witnessed I had a hole dug as fast as I could to have Alfie laid to rest... It broke heart and I was hysterical my cat was gone & in the most awful of circumstances... I felt extreme guilt for him ending up dead and I went crazy and told the children's dad that I wanted him out of the house that very night I was angry, upset you name it i felt it :( so from there I had to have Bronson removed because I have 4 kids and simply couldn't risk their lives being put in any kind of danger as I'm sure most people would do.. So roughly 12am he's was removed from our care and taken to kennels!!! You'll never understand the guilt I carry for that dicision but as I said I had to keep my kids safe. So initially I thought he'd be rehomed as it wasn't an attack on a human, the whole weekend I did a lot of crying after all I'd lost my cat of 10 years and dog of over 3 years all in one night !!! However Monday arrived and a knock on my door came in the afternoon it was Animal Welfare and she asked about the events of Friday to which I was openly honest and gave her the full details, but upon her hearing me out she said I have some bad news... Bronson had bitten the handler at the kennels and she basically wanted me to sign a form saying I agreed to Bronson being euthanised & this was because he could no longer be rehomed cos he was classed as a risk... She also said I could fight against this but that they'd take it to court and they would then grant them the permissions to destroy him & the outcome will still end in him being PTS and I was only prolonging his suffering of stress ect of being in kennels so I heartbrokenly signed for his sake... It hurt like hell knowing I had to let them take away his life... But you see I didn't hate him at all I loved him just as much as I ever did I just hated what he had done to Alfie. At the end of the day I love them both sooo much and I miss them that bad it hurts and I cry most days I'm carrying a huge amount of guilt on my shoulders and can't get over why it all happened and how ultimately Bronson paid the highest price for what he did... I just can't work out why or what made him do it :( I guess ill never know! Sleep tight my boys ill miss you until the day we will meet again... I love you both.. Alfie 5-4-2013 & Bronson 9-4-2013 x x x

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Jun 04, 2013
I'm so sorry...
by: Trinelle

I cried when i saw your post. I'm so sorry you had to experience such a heart wrenching event. I have just experienced almost the exact same events... just on Memorial Day 2013 weekend. My pit mix Chloe, 5 years old, that i adopted from the shelter and adored since she was a baby, attacked and killed my little rescued Jack Russell, Simon, who she lived with for the last 3 years. They never really liked each other at all but i NEVER expected her to attack him so savagely. I rushed Simon to the vet but he died about 4 hours after the attack from internal injuries. I am still beyond devestated. I had Chloe put to sleep two days after Simon's death. I loved Chloe more than life itself, she was my love and my angel, and it was SO hard to make that decision but she had other issues with people too that i had tried to ignore but now seem so clear. I feel your pain and guilt, but i am finding that talking about them in a positive light helps. I LOVE pit bulls and will never say a bad thing about them however they are known to not always get along with other animals... i will not give up on the breed but will be more careful in the future. My heart goes out to you and your children.

Apr 22, 2013
Beautiful Bronson and Alfie
by: Diane

I'm so very, very, sorry for your losses.I wanted you to know that I do know about the guilt we carry for our pets deaths.No matter WHAT anyone else says I still feel guilt, and there is nothing to be done. We can't change anything, no amount of tears, no amount of heartache is going to bring our babies back. Time is the only thing that helps, though talking about it and sharing your grief with others does help.In my opinion you did exactly right by having Bronson taken away, from my real experience with these things with dogs, once they kill a domestic animal it is just one step away from hurting a human being.You would have never forgiven youself if your children had gotten maimed. Even if your poor Alfie had smelled different, he still knew him by sight, and this is still no excuse for an animal to attack and actually kill a domestic cat. There is no explanation, it is a terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to you. Please know I'll be praying (and crying) for you. Accept my condolences,RIP beautiful, innocent Alfie and Bronson. Your family loves and mourns for you both.

Apr 21, 2013
Bronson & Alfie
by: Chezza

Oh sorry also in reply to your question about the vet check he hadn't been to the vet in any recent weeks leading up to this happening as there was no signs I could have picked up in to alert me to his physical or mental well being had there been a sign he would have been taken immediately... Thanks for your reply its made me feel a little better in myself & I'm sure ill give another cat / dog a home sometime in the future :)

Apr 21, 2013
Bronson & Alfie
by: Chezza

Hi thanks for your reply in return of your comment regarding dates I put it in the wrong form I meant it as in 5 April 2013 & 9 April 2013 sorry about any confusion there, also my cupcakes were chocolate free I'm already aware that chocolates no good for dogs.. Also I can't see that he ate something poisonous to him but it could be a factor u guess ill never know given the circumstances he was PTS under... Someone mentioned maybe he was suffering with a brain tumor or something similar again ill never know as upon request of having his body back to be at home with us I was refused this option :( I feel extreme guilt because I think to myself could I have prevented this ordeal for Alfie, Bronson & my family ? But I also wondered if he could have reacted badly to Alfie smelling of another home as he kept visiting a neighbour who was persistently feeding him even upon my request to not do so! They have a female mastiff cross breed dog & it crossed my mind that did Bronson see him as some kind of intruder having an unfamiliar family's scent on him ? x

Apr 21, 2013
Dear Chezza,
by: Pat in Missouri

The first thing I have to ask is did a vet check your Bronson for illnesses, bites or poisons? It sounds to me like he had eaten something or been bitten by something that made him suddenly aggressive. I have never heard of 1 pet, in the same home, attacking another pet. Is it possible he got too much sugar from the cupcake you let him eat? Was there chocolate in it? Chocolate is very toxic for dogs. It might have made him go kind of crazy.

I am also a pet lover. I have 2 dogs. One of them is quite protective of me and territorial. She was here first and I think she sees the other dog as invading her space. I took in the other dog, when his owner, my fiance', died. I just couldn't give him back to a shelter. He had already been taken back twice by previous owners. My fiance' trained him well. He is a great dog. Even when my cocker spaniel snaps at him, he never retaliates. He is very loving and very intelligent. He's a German shepherd. I love them both and they have been wonderful companions to me in my grief. I lost my brother, father, and fiance' all within 5 months in 2011.

I think you got your dates wrong. You said Alfie died in May, 2013. We haven't gotten to May, 2013 yet. You also said Bronson died 9/4/2013. We haven't gotten there, yet, either. At any rate, I am so sorry that you have lost your beloved pets. I am sure the grief is terrible. I know it would be for me. You should remember, however, that you did what you had to do to protect your children. Since you did not actually see what happened, is it possible your cat was hurt in some other way? I am sure you considered that though.

Tearing yourself up with guilt will not help. Whatever happened, your cat and dog are both at peace now. It is time for you to let your your guilt go and be at peace yourself. You cannot change what happened in the past. I send you many hugs. In time, I hope you will be able to provide a loving home for another dog or cat that has been abandoned and needs a loving home. Bless you for being such a loving pet owner. If you have answers to my questions, please write back. I would really like to know if your dog had been checked by a vet. Bless you.

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