My Beautiful Cassie

by Emily Wich
(Mason City, Iowa)

My baby girl.

My baby girl.

I was considering getting a dog when I felt very alone. I was at work one day when I saw a poster for a three legged Maltese named Cassie. The next day I went and saw her. After I talked to my entire family, who all said to get her, I went two days later and picked her up. They believed that the person who had her previously had amputated her front leg himself. She was underweight and very afraid of men.

I got her in September 2009. Two months later she started screaming in pain when you touched her. I took her to the vet and discovered the people hadn't taken care of her anal glands either. They almost burst and she had to have them surgically removed.

In August of 2010 I moved to a new town. Of course, I took Cassie with me. She was always there for me. She didn't even mind that I put boots on her three feet when it was dirty outside. She had a raincoat, boots, winter coat, skirt, tank top, goggles, and I was working on getting more.

Late September 2010 I noticed that she had a cut on her one front leg and that she was chewing on her nails a lot. I took her to the vet. They said to give her the medicines and she should be fine. October 4th I tried to give her a bath. When I got all of her wet I noticed that her skin was all black, blue, and purple. She was also in a great deal of pain. I took her to the emergency room at a different vet. They did three hours worth of testing only to find that her Vitamin K was low. I took her in the next day and the tests found the same thing. They noticed a lump of fluid under her nub but they weren't too concerned with it. Possibly just the blood trying to get back into her system.

On October 8, 2010 I took Cassie for a walk. She was running, jumping, and smiling. I put her in my room so she could watch AMC, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was on, while I was in class. I gave her a treat, a hug, told her I loved her very much and I would see her soon. She sat on my bed smiling at me as I closed the door and said, "I love you baby girl! See you in an hour!"

I went to class and drove home after wards. I came in my room and she did not lift her head, she didn't smile at me, she didn't move. She was lying on her side and her eyes were fixed. I picked her little body up and ran her to the vet. There they told me that she had passed away. They wrapped her in a towel for me to take home. They said she probably died of acute liver failure and there was nothing that could have been done.

I called Mom, Dad, my two sisters, and my two brothers. I cried hysterically and they cried with me. I drove the hour home so she could be buried in a peaceful place, my parents' yard out in the country. Dad made her a beautiful box while he waited for me to get there. My brother drove 2 hours to pick up my sister so she could be there for me. My sister out of state wanted to fly in that night to be there but I wouldn't let her spend almost $1000. My brother in law was at my parents house when I got there. My Mom gave me a baby blanket to wrap her in, pink and white.

We put one of her boots, her bath towel, 4 marshmallows (she loved them), and wrote on her box all her different nick names.
They dug a hole for her in the backyard in the bird park, where there are wild flowers, trees, birds, and just all around beautiful. My brother helped me dig a hole for a vase and we picked wild flowers to put in the vase.

Every time I go home I bring her new flowers. For the winter I bought plastic flowers so she would have something beautiful all winter.
I couldn't have made it through it without my family.

I love you Cassie. I miss you.

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Oct 22, 2011
by: holly

made me cry even more.. thats so sweet. poor little girl :(.
i feel the SAME WAY. i just cry & cry hysterically. My babygirl passed 3days ago. we have no idea why. She was only 4. :/

Its the hardest thing, they are truely part of the family <3
email me if u ever want to talk <3

god bless

Jul 24, 2011
your family
by: brenda

Reading your story you and your family are amazing people. One of the biggest words I can say is WOW. I am really sorry for your loss.
Thanks to you and your family

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