My beautiful cat, Jazzmin

by L Dunbar

Our beautiful cat Jazzmin was 16 years old and we had her as a young kitten.

She was a rescue kitten and always nervous but also deeply gentle and friendly to us unconditionally, loving and a constant presence in our home.

She had been healthy for all this time accept for the last 7 weeks when she suddenly lost most of her body weight and became very skinny, and unwell. We took her to the vet, they took blood and although it was cat diabetes and treatable, it meant 2 insulin injections a day for the rest of her life and lots of travelling to the vets. We sadly decided that she would hate this and it would be selfish of us to prolong her life this way for our want to keep her alive. We felt she had enjoyed 16 wonderful fully independent years completely healthy and it was time to let go.

Still having made the decision, it was just terrible knowing we had made this decision and to spend those last few days seeing her look at us and knowing what we had decided was heartbreaking.

We finally took her to the vets and with many floods of sadness and tears we cuddled her goodbye as the vet put her to sleep. I wrapped her up in her blanket with her duck toy/wheat germ heatable.

It sounds silly, but I was so sad of the thought of her being alone once buried that I just wanted the duck (that we used to put in the microwave to warm (and she used to cuddle it and sleep) to be cuddled up with her in the blanket when my dad buried her.

My lovely dad buried her peacefully in a beautiful spot in the garden with ducky. And we/I am now just devastated that she has gone and that we chose this. Even though it was the fairest decision for her it still hurts terribly, the house feels empty and I get terrible painful pangs of deep sadness when I remember that she is gone and I/we will never see, play, cuddle, hold, stroke, sit with ever again.

She was an amazing cat, a true family member for 16 years and I am afraid I will forget her :( Yet its too painful to think about her and look at photos. Let time be the healer as promised.

Good night my Jazzmin I hope you are now sat on my Grand dads lap purring and at peace. Much love always xxxxxxxxx

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