My beautiful daughter and best friend Cindy

by jules

My daughter died november 30th aged 29, myself and my husband found her asleep on her sofa you looked so at peace my baby girl but I feel numb how can I go on in this world with out your smile and giggle? I found this site as I am reading anything to try and make me feel better, its as though im a robot I eat just, sleep just, put one foot in front of the other just, but my soul has gone. can anybody give me any strength I am dreading the inquest on the 15th feb I feel I just cannot take anymore. I thought you had had a fit, and now they are telling me it could have been all your medication oh if only you could hold them one more time

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Dec 11, 2011
I do understand
by: Karen

Hi there

I am so sorry for your loss..I absolutely can relate to this. I lost my daughter and best friend 4 weeks ago 12th AML.
I am the same, go about the everyday things, but feel I have no purpose in life anymore. My world feels like a big blob of nothing.

Everyone say, it gets better, but frankly that doesn,t help me one little bit.
I only know, my heart just aches for do you get past the emptiness and feelings of absolute despair.

She was not only my daughter but my best friend, we did everything together.

How do I navigate through the rest of my life without her?

We have to try and get through it..frankly I really dont care whether I live or die right now.
Thats truly how I feel.

Best wishes to you.

Victoria BC

Apr 01, 2011
my beautiful daughter
by: jules

thank you all for sharing what must be the saddest tale to tell it seems my daughter died of a complex breakdown of medication not that it helps much but she just went to sleep, she had fought on going health problems for years epilepsy etc god bless you all for taking the time to try and make me feel better jules

Feb 05, 2011
My lovely son leighton
by: julia north wales

oh how i feel your pain, I too lost my son xmas day 2010. he accidentally took his own life. I have written a piece about him under the heading, my lovely son leighton. Please read it and then you will understand my pain which is exactly the same as yours. I too have no answers....I just wish I could help you, but please keep in touch with me and perhaps together we can cope with this terrible feeling. Am thinking of you so much......julia.edwards52@yahoo.comPICNIC

Feb 04, 2011
I'm sorry for your loss
by: Songbird Sherrie

Sometimes words do not express the message one is trying to share. I understand your loss of your daughter as I lost my youngest daughter Tabitha who had just turned 28 to cancer. I do not understand this and I don't try to. The one thing I do know...God understands and I lean on HIS understanding of this...not my own. He says in Isaiah 66:13 "As a mother comforts a child, so will I comfort you".

Time and God is the only thing that will get us through this kind of pain. God is so good and I lean on HIM during this time of great loss!

Again, I am sorry for your loss. Lean on HIM!

God bless,
Songbird Sherrie

Feb 04, 2011
I too lost my precious daughter and very best friend
by: Ginger

I am so very sorry for your loss and I KNOW the unbearable pain you are going through. My daughter was 23, married less than 1 year and very athletic and perfect health. She died of a cyst in her brain in her sleep on Sept 18th of this year. I too, fought for the privilege of just one more hug, the smell of her hair, the feel of her warmth, and to hear her precious voice. We talked every day and I missed that so much! I came to understand that I can not hold to this pain or this desire to have her back. I am in the process of letting her go. It will take a while, but the pain is not as extreme. Keep coming to this site. It DOES help. We DO understand! My sincerest condolences.

Feb 04, 2011
I Feel Your Pain
by: J.Mitchell

I am so sorry about your loss. I too lost my only son on 11/24/10. We are still waiting on the reports to get back so we don't really know the cause yet. He too died in his sleep. The only consolation I have is that he had such a peaceful look on his face......almost as if he were smiling. He was just 3 weeks shy of his 21st birthday.

The past 10 weeks have been pure hell for me. There is such a void in my life......and the yearning to see him seems to get worse by the day.

This is a journey no parent should have to travel. Our children are supposed to bury us.....not the other way around. Everyone says things will get better in time but for me, time seems to stand still. I'm just taking one hour (sometimes 1 minute) at the I'm sure you are, too. Thank God we have such a place as this to come to for comfort and support.

You're in my thoughts and prayers......

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