My Beautiful daughter

by Laurie Rammel
(Dayton Ohio 45429)

My Daughters Name is Melissa Granland, she was sick for 15 years and dealt with more pain and suffering they anyone person should have to. She had such a strong faith she would tell me Mom there is a reason for this. And then I would say to myself if she is not angry they how can I be. The last year of her life she spent 75% of her time in the hospital. They told us so many times she was not going to make it. But she had a beautiful little boy who she swore she was going to see grow up.

In August she was diagnosed with throat Cancer, It took us all by surprise. She had so many diseases that we never thought of cancer. I was so angry with all the near death experiences she survived, now cancer she was not going to survive it.

We Had Planned to make a trip to Virginia to see her and the family on Thanksgiving but two weeks before her husband called us and said the Dr said we should not wait she was not going to make it to Thanksgiving. So we left and went down there. It was the most painful thing to watch, the cancer had gone into her bones and spine she was in horrible pain. They moved her to comfort care so they could keep her comfortable until she died. Many family member flew into see her. It was amazing how many peoples lives she had touched.

On Thanksgving day Jon Paul her son turned 18 years old, the next day it was just him and I in there, she had not opened her eyes in 10 days. But for just a brief second she opened her eyes looked at him smiled, and then they closed again, Melissa passed away that night.

The Pain I felt is undescribable it was horrendous. It has been 7 weeks now, we are seeing a therapist and we start group for people likeus tonight. but I just do not know if the pain in my heart will ever go away i Pray that it will. I love her so much it is hard to live with out her.

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Jan 12, 2011
Beautiful Melissa
by: M Mack


You describe Melissa as a beautiful person inside and out. I do not understand why God chooses some people and not others. I am truly very sorry for this great loss for you and your family. Her spirit lives on in your heart and she will be around to comfort you when you least expect it.

The counseling will help you through the grieving process. It's slow, one breath, one step at a time. Some days the ups and downs are just horrible but somehow, you carry the cross and pull through.

Come to this site as often as you need for support from so many wonderful people who are at different stages of this pain. My prayers and condolences to you. Let us know how you are doing.
M Mack

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