My Beautiful Granddaughter...Ashton Miranda Bartlett

by Beth Bridges
(Hawkinsville, GA., USA)

My name is Beth Bridges. My granddaughter, Ashton Bartlett, was murdered June 25,2011. She was like my daughter since I was raising her and her two brothers. Ashton was shot in the back by an exboyfriend. Ashton was only 18. Of course it was someone that I never approved of in the beginning, he was much older than my baby and had a history of abuse against young women. He also had a history of drug abuse.
Ashton was finally beginning to get her life back in order. She was no longer seeing this man. Ashton was scheduled to begin school the next quarter and was very excited. When she left the house that afternoon I had no idea it would be the last time I would see her alive.
There has been so many stories about what happened that night but I think I have figured out what happened putting together bits & pieces of truth (we were told so many lies). It appears that she was tricked into going over to a mutual friends house that night and he was hiding in the bushes waiting on her to get there. When she arrived he came out from behind the bushes and snatched her out of the car and begin beating on her. No one even tried to stop him.
She managed to get away from him and some how fell to her knees, he came up behind her and shot her in the back, she was shot at an angle where it went thur her back and out the front just below her navel. Needless to say there was tremendous damage done to her organs. She lived approximately five hours before she died. They did surgery and we thought maybe she would survive but they told us that she was still very critical. They took her into ICU after the surgery but she started bleeding out again. All the while they would not let us see her. My baby died alone and scared!! That is what really tares me up inside because I know she was scared and alone.
This murderer went to court and was given a deal for voluntary manslaughter and only received 20 years and 5 years for a gun charge. This has been weighing heavy on my mind because he should have gotten life in prison without parole for murdering my precious baby. We didn't even get justice for her. I have been in mourning for her for almost a year and it hasn't gotten any easier. There is not a minute that goes by that she is not on my mind. I feel like I am going to loose it. I said in the beginning that I couldn't do this and I'm still not sure how I can go on without her in my life. Ashton was my heart and soul my everything, my sunshine!!!!! I miss her more than I can express, I talk to her everyday and tell her how much I miss her and need her. I just wish I could have traded places with her. I would give everything just to have her one more day.

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Jul 20, 2012
Missing You
by: Anonymous

We think about Ashton every day I watched her grow from a teenager into a beautiful young lady.Ashton was always smiling and was so very outgoing.My heart goes out to her grandmother Beth; for i know she adored her granddaughter so very much and there was nothing she wouldnt do for her.Above it all Ashton had goals and I am so angry that her life was cut short I am so very angry..we have pics all around our house of Ashton and we feel as if she is our guardian angel watching down upon us.We think of her everyday.We love and miss u so much it hurts.

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