"My beautiful grandma"

by Britnee

My grandma raised me from the time I was born to the time I was taken away because the state said she was getting old. She meant the world to me, she taught me everything I know. When I was in kindergarten, she moved in with my family, I was so so happy to have her love with me because in my eyes,she has always been the best grandma no matter what. She was there ever time I got hurt esp when I fall and cut my hand. And never once did it ever enter my mind that one day I would lose one of the most important people in my life. I always thought I would have my grandma there for everything. High school graduation (she did come to it), college graduation, my wedding day, and the day I give birth to my first born. She was very sick in the beginning of this year, she would get better then she would get very sick out of nowhere. I would admit for a while I would only see her every three months but call most very 2 months or more. I was caught up graduating an getting into college that I missed out on opportunities to spend time with my beautiful grandma. As my grandma was getting worse, I would stay two days with her in the hospital and a week with her at home. I would not want to leave her sight. I would sit by her bed as she would cry out in pain because her body was hurting. I heard her call out Jesus in the mist of her pain and it made me at peace. Because I know that if she were to get healed on earth she has a relationship with Jesus but if she was to be healed and released to Heaven, I would know that she is with Her Savior and in no more pain. She was getting better until they switched her to this nursery home, she wasn't even there for a week or even a couple days. It was Easter night around 11:30 when I received a call from my older cousin saying that my grandma just stopped breathing and they are taking her to the hospital . My heart dropped,it felt like the world stopped with and I became numb. I knew this was it but I didn't want to believe it because it never crossed my mind in my entire life that I would lose my grandma. I cried and cried until my mom said I'll take you to the hospital. As I was walking to the call at 11:45 , I received another call, I couldn't help myself to answer it but I did. My cousin was crying, she said grandma is gone and that they are still at the nursing home. I dropped to my knees and wept and wept. My parents drove me to the nursery home and reminded me that I needed to be strong for my family. We got there, I seen a few of my cousins in the front, I ignored them in went straight into the room my sweet beautiful grandma layed lifeless. I could see the tears that were sill on her yet still warm cheeks . I cried and cried as I held her hand, kissed her forehand and brush my fingers through her soft hair. I stayed till 5:00am with her until the funeral home came and placed her body in a bag then rolled her out into the car. I'm never going to forget that moment or the dream I had a couple days after. When I got home I couldn't sleep one bit , I had trouble sleeping a couple days because it replayed in my dreams of losing my grandma. Until this one night I prayed that I could sleep peacefully and I did. I had the best sleep ever along with the most special dream I've ever had. In the dream, I was searching for my grandma. I was walking in this street calling out for my grandma then I see her standing at this train station with a suitcase in her hand. I say to her " grandma let's go home. We have to go home. " she looks at me with a smile and says " I have to go, I have to go alone. I'm so proud of you and love you very much. Everything is going to be alight. " then this huge gold train comes and stops in front us. The doors open and she gets ready to step in but before she does, she turns around and says I love you Britnee. ". I stood there crying and woke up crying because it felt so real. Now it's going to be almost a year since she has passed and I miss her so much. I wish I could just hear her and give her a hug.

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