My beautiful little "Sweetie"

by Liz

My beautiful little cat Sweetie was killed by a car last Wednesday outside my house and I am absolutely devastated. She was such a special little girl and I am in total despair. She was my little baby and brought so much happiness into my life and I can't bear the thought of never seeing her again. I am completely heartbroken.

I can't stop thinking about her and am a complete wreck. I feel like I will never be happy again. She was just a baby (only 18 months old).

I miss her terribly.

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Mar 07, 2013
I am sorry
by: Heather

I realize that words can't fix it right now and things will hurt for a while. I hope that each day - or week - or month gets just a little easier and that you can open your heart to a new baby soon. Never ever blame yourself either; our minds have a funny way of guilting us into things when we are already hurting so much.

wishing you peace

Feb 25, 2013
Beautiful Sweetie
by: Diane

I, too, lost my precious Chrissy to a driver that didn't even stop. I too think that only a few seconds either way and she would have lived, or why did I have to go get the mail at THAT TIME. Our hearts are broken, our souls are shattered, only time will help to ease the pain. Know that others will share in your grief and pain, that together we can express our sorrow and hopefully heal along the way. I had my Chrissy for 10 wonderful years, but no matter how long or how short their lives were,THEY WERE LOVED, and loved completely. They know this and know we will keep them in our hearts forever. Rip beautiful Sweetie, please keep Chrissy company at the Rainbow Bridge while you are waiting for us to come!

Feb 23, 2013
RIP Sweetie
by: Anonymous

Liz, I am so, so very sorry. I can completely relate as my sweet Eddie passed away just a month ago. I know it feels as though the pain is unbearable right now, and the only advice I can give is to yell and scream and bawl, and let it all out. Whatever it takes.
I can also tell you that it DOES get better. Or if not better, then different. But the pain DOES ease and you can breathe again.
I am sending you gigantic hugs and hope you are managing as well as can be. xo

Feb 23, 2013
Your Sweetie
by: Anonymous

Liz, I feel your pain. After loosing 4 kitties within the last two years I know how hard it is and my heart goes out to you. They are our children and we love them more than some people. How terrible she didn't get to know the real longterm companionship with you, her Mommy.

All I can say is there are a lot of kitties out there waiting for a good mommy to care for them. Please consider another and keep it indoors.

Feb 23, 2013
by: Maria

Liz, i am so sorry for the loss of your Sweetie. I can totally understand your heartbreak. I lost my Jet just 1 week ago yesterday and although Jet suffered a long and terrible I illness nothing can prepare you for the loss of you furry baby. Although you will find no comfort in anything please know that others going through the same thing will understand your grief even if they cannot heal it. Loss is such a lonely place and in time you will find that speaking to others that understand your feelings will help you come to terms with the loss of Sweetie. Please don't try to rush through the grieving process but rather find ways to work through it a little each day. The loss of your baby is never easy but be assured that Sweetie is looking down on you and lives on in spirit. Sweetie was blessed to share your life if only for a short and you will be reunited at rainbow bridge. My thoughts are with you at this sad time.

Maria Essex uk

Feb 22, 2013
I feel your pain
by: Veronica

Hello Liz,

My heart hurts for you as I know exactly what you are going thru. My precious Snowy was hit by a car on December 12, 2011 at 9:30 AM and died as a result at 10:45 AM. I have yet to move on, in fact not a day goes by that I don't break down in tears due to missing her little spirit. She was only 4 1/2 years old and was truly the reason i got out of bed every day. My world has changed and its not a world I like anymore. I curse the person that ran over her because they were driving too fast. One more second and she would have been fine. I hope you have many pictures and perhaps even a video of your little Sweetie to keep her fresh in your mind.

I'm sorry you have to go thru this. Try to stay well.


Feb 22, 2013
My beautiful little "Sweetie"
by: Doreen U.K.

Liz I am sorry for your loss of your cat Sweetie. I can't bear to see pets suffer and this is such a tragedy. Grief causes us lack of sleep or with depression too much sleep. You are in the early stages of grief so don't worry too much about what you feel. It is normal. I had to part with my 9 cockatiels. I know how much it hurts. I lost some birds and it broke my heart and I am a grandmother. You sound young. But grief and loss hurts us no matter what age we are. God gave us our emotions and they just find expression when we least expect it. Try and keep a journal and write out all the special memories with Sweetie. You will have them forever. We can lose some of our memories over time but if you record them you can read this and be comforted by the memories. Don't waste your Love of Sweetie. Pass this on to another pet and carry on the cycle of life and love when you have resolved your grief.

Feb 22, 2013
You are not alone
by: Nancy T

So many humans fail to see the normal grief felt by those of us who share our lives with animals. Know, for sure, your little "Sweetie" is in heaven with the God of all creation. She is a part of His creation and He will care for her until you join her. Don't let anyone ever tell you "animals don't go to heaven". They DO! Most of God's creation suffer terrible lives here on earth. Bless you for giving Sweetie a great life while she was here . . . and you will be with her again.

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