My Beautiful Mom

by Rose
(Southfield, Michigan)

My Mom passed away to the Lord on June 11th 2013. She was 94. My Mom was my best friend in the whole world. She was diagnosed with lung cancer about a year ago. She was always alive, alert, and always wanting to help me and my family. Even in her struggles with her breathing , shortness of breath she always had an independance about herself. I never told her she had this tumor growing . I don't really know if the doctors did. She was going in and out of the hospital for infections and shortness of breath. The last time she went in , I could see the weakness in her eyes and body. She could not stand or walk without assitance. That Friday they took fluid from her lungs and vitals were looking good. She didn't want to eat or take anything by mouth. We were concerned. The Dr's said she was declining and that it was a matter of time. Over the weekend thing were the same. Tuesday I was there all day with my family. We prayed and stayed by her side. Her temp. was dropping to 94. I left that evening about 7;45PM. got home and at 8:55p.m. hospital called and said she passed on.
I expected it but I think sometimes they wait until you leave until they pass away. I'm glad she is in the loving arms of our Dear Lord. I didn't want her here if she couldn't be herself. I know she is in a better place. I think about her everyday. Staying busy like she would want me to has helped me to cope. She was well loved by the community and the love she gave to everyone makes me so proud. I always wanted to be like her. I feel lonely, sad, at times but glad I had the opportunity of being her daughter. Her life is inside of me. I will be an example to others as a reminder of her.
Remenber that God is so merciful and loving. Absent from the body is present with the Lord.

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Aug 29, 2013
I can relate
by: Rose B

Hi Rose, my name is Rose too. I lost my mom on August 3rd. She had many health complications, including COPD. My mom was on oxygen and in and out of the hospital for infections. We got a phone call from the hospital informing us that things were not looking good at all. Her blood pressure was dropping and she was not responding to any more treatments. They gave her a matter of hours. The thing was, she hung in there while we were there with her. We stayed overnight at the hospital. Finally, after more than a day and a half at the hospital, we decided to go home. As soon as we walked into the house, we got the call that she passed away. We also felt that this was more than a coincidence. It was almost as if she waited for us to get home safely.

Aug 02, 2013
This is My Story.....
by: Kaye

Rose, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. your story really touched me being that my mom also passed away with a Lung Disease-Pulmonary Fibrosis of the Lungs.. She was missed diagnosed for over 6 years for LUPUS and COPD. She was NEVER on Oxygen until released to Hospice in 2010. Being released to HOSPICE was a walk up call, my mom was not that ill, but her current pulmonary Dr. had no more resource to what her true illness was, my mom refused the HOSPICE treatments and the MORPHINE pills they wanted her to take to slowing take her away.. We were referred to another NEW Pulmonary doctor, which advised us that my mom need to been on OXYGEN years ago. NO one could find out WHY and WHAT she really was ill from UNTIL we made a trip to the Hospital in Gainesville, during this visit is when we found out her TRUE diagnosis, at that time the doctors suggested a LUNG TRANSPLANT, this gave us so much hope that she can once again breath. we moved her treatments back to Tampa to , to avoid the long drives. My mom spirits really started to perk up again, that was until we got the run around form The Hospital about FINANCIAL issues, Our family raised over $10K for the treatments they stated she will need post- surgery.. they wanted to know HOW we came up with the moneys so fast?? then the next road block was...My mom needed someone to stay with her for 6mons. on a daily basis after the surgery, so we made arrangements for her sister to stay, THEN informed us, Oh!.the doctor that was scheduled to treat your mother for the LUNG TRANSPLANT, NO Longer excepts her insurance! my mom will need to enroll into a insurance that the DOCTOR, NOT The hospital will accept! NOW mind you we started the lab work, treatments, diagnostic testing for the LUNG TRANSPLANT at the hospital with the same medical was not a problem then...My mom was a Medicare member, and anyone that's on Medicare knows that you can’t pick a new plan until the beginning of the following year. With this news my mom felled into a deep depression. She felt so defeated, being misdiagnosed for years, and now getting the run around . On Dec.13, 2012 my mom went to ER, she as admitted to ICU, and on Sunday, DEC. 16, 2012 she passed away. I was shattered, I was livid, I was pissed, I was lost, I was scared.. but most of all I was motherless. I'm her only child, I had to take care all of her funeral arrangements and her last wishes, My son was my biggest supporter at only 22yrs old, he help me to understand, I did ALL I KNEW I could to help her with what I had to work with, but it don’t help the pain any less feeling HOPELESS, knowing your mother is dying and NO ONE seems to care.. And to this day, I still cry out to her.Sorry so long, but telling her story helps me to heal! Rose, our Angels ( our mothers) are always watching us.

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