My beautiful wife,soul mate and everything else.

by Mark
(Mickleton, Nj )

Last Sunday my beautiful 36 year old wife went into cardic arrest she didn't have any signs of a bad heart she was very healthy, I did CPR the EMT team got there in 5 min, but the lack of oxgen to her brain left her in a vegitive state, the doctors say she can stay like that forever but would she want that, we never thought of having a living will because we thought we would grow old together.
NOW ! For the really sad part we just adopted a little girl from china she is only 2 Years old and lived her life in a orphanage, now we where going to give her a home and two loving parents, we tried to have children on our but we couldn't so we thought it was Gods will to adopt this litte girl.
My wife wanted nothing more than to be a mommy, she got to be a mommy for only 3 months!!!
Life is not fair why would God let this happen!

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Mar 11, 2012
m so very sorry
by: Krissy

When these things happen its hard for us to understand and we want to say "why does God let these things happen" I dont know that its God who lets these things happen, I have to believe the things that happen good or bad are all part of a plan, a plan we dont yet know or even understand. What I do know is that God loves your wife and will look after her, He loves you and your new sweet daughter and He'll be there to comfort you when it seems its too much to bare and it will get to those times. I know because on 2-6-2012 I went into my sons bedroom to wake him up and found he had died in his sleep, Jesse was only 21yrs old and the terrible tragedy of his death is his death was something that shouldnt have happened had the hospital, ER doctors, and nurses had performed their jobs, instead they neglected my son and sent him home to his death. I feel the pain and disbelief your feeling, Im crying the millions of tears your crying too, and even though there are no words at all that me or anyone else can say to you that will make it better just know your not alone in your grief, Im here, others are here, we may be silent sufferers with you but your in our thoughts and prayers, Im here if you ever need to just talk about anything,sometimes it helps to get it all out, so many are here for you....with much love,

Krissy, Jesse's mother

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