my belly bugs

by traci

I always wanted a dog growing up but never got the opportunity until i was 17. me and my boyfriend at the time got a puppy (chocolate lab) i picked her name and named her Tater Bug and my special name for her was Belly Bugs. She was a very good puppy not many accidents or problems with chewing. She was very adorable. She was very smart and loyal. we had our special times between me and her like treat time and rides together. lol while riding in the car she had to have the front seat i rode in the back seat a few times....but she would watch the road it was funny because before we got to a curve she was done leaning the right way. her favorite treat was cheese...not even particular on what kind. any time she heard the crisper open she was there at your feet waiting. to wake me up she would stand over me and pant in my face then when i opened my eyes she acted as if she wasnt doing anything. She was a very good momma dog too she had 4 litters of puppies....i moved away the last year of her life which makes me sad because it was my choice. i remember the last day so well i seen her. i was going to my grandma's house and my other dog got in the car and she wanted to ride w/me for the last time and she growled and it was as if no i want to go alone with her. i pet her head and played with her ears and told her i would never forget about her and would think of her every minute. one day i got a phone call saying she had passed the night before. she had heart worms and was too active the vet said and she died. she was my top dog i always told her that. i am just very sad still and its been 5 months since her death. she was only 5 years old i dont understand why she had to go!!!

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