My Beloved Arne

by Marie Hodge
(Las Vegas, NV)

Pretty Arne

Pretty Arne

Pretty Arne
Baby Arne

I lost Arne my beautiful Norwegian Forest cat July 17, 2014 to a coyote in his 6 foot enclosed small walled yard where I thought he was safe. I was less then 20 feet away
from him when he was killed . My bedroom window faces out to the yard and I was sleeping and didn't hear a sound. I had the sliding glass door open and my television was on and a light on in the front room. I had a kitty door and my cats went in and out of it for 5 years with never a problem. It was early morning around 5am or 6am that I lost him. I should have never let my cats out at that time as I found out later that is the time the coyotes
are hunting. One of my kitties made it safely in but it was to late for Arne. The coyote broke his neck and ate his inside out, and that's what I got up in the morning to see at about 6:45am. My heart is broken. I had Arne for twelve wonderful years. He was my best friend as I live alone. We had a connection so deep. I felt so close to him. I loved him dearly, he was my sweet Arne, I have cried over a month now, never have I grieved so much over
one of my fur babies. He was more then a cat he was Arne.
He walked along side me, took him on motor home trips with me, He was always included in my plans. I couldn't picture my life without him. And now he is gone, and my life will never be the same. When I die his little ashes will go with me. RIP My Beautiful Arne In my heart forever. The tears fall if only I could hold him one more time. Marie Las Vegas, Nevada We are having a terrible
coyote problem in Las Vegas. I will be getting coyote rollers for the tops of my walls., but too late for the best cat I was Blessed to have

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Mar 06, 2017
Hi Marie
by: Kristy Nign

Marie, this is Kristy. I dont know if you remember me, i befriended you and your daughter at St.Rose a couple weeks ago in the ER. I want to get in contact with you but dont have your number. You are a phenomenal lady and i hope to connect with you and hope you are well. Miss u Marie Hodge :)

Much love..kristy

May 17, 2016
by: Penni

I have that same kind of bond with Coco, who has been missing since Saturday night. I live in stallion mountain and I worry that coyotes may have gotten her, but I also have a neighbor who shot her with a pellet gun last fall. I know he did because I was in my backyard when it happened and she came flying back over the wall from his yard with a wound from a pellet in her chest. Immediately after that I heard his door slam as if he was angry. Now, with my beloved beauty missing, I don't know if the angry neighbor harmed her, coyotes got her, or she's just lost. All I know is I feel lost without her. She's part of the family. She is microchipped, but afraid of strangers, so I don't think a person could get near her. She has gone in and out since I got her as a baby two years ago and has never been gone more than a few hours. I am hoping for the best, but I fear the worst.

Feb 18, 2016
Prayers for our kitties
by: Julie

I am saddened all over again reading about your loss I just lost my cat "Moose" on Feb 9, 2016. My son got a csll at college (8 hrs away) bcuz his number was on the collar which was found in a park 10 blocks from
My home here in Rossmoor, CA. I'm devastated beyond belief just like you but now I don't feel so all alone in my grief. I'll pray for us both. I have a remaining cat, my old man Hurley who misses his pal. He is 17... And to my surprise he looks EXACTLY like your Arne... Love to send you a pic.

Jul 24, 2015
Angel Arnie he will always be with you
by: Patti

I'm so sorry to hear of your Loss. My cat Joey has been missing and is lost somewhere in Stallion Mtn since 7/7/15. I pray someone took him in. Patti

Jun 06, 2015
Coyote Rollers
by: Marie

This HOA Approved the coyote rollers and were put over my walls April 21, 2015. This was a long and hard fight. This was done to protect my other cats and in memory of Arne,
I know God had a hand in it as I shed many tears over Arne I believe God answered my prayer by putting the right people in place to help me. Rest in Peace My Beautiful Arne and if God answers my prayer I will see you again over the Rainbow Bridge. I love you little one forever and always.

Jun 01, 2015
Coyote Rollers
by: Marie

I know God had a hand in it as I shed many tears over Arne I believe God answered my prayer by putting the right people in place to help me. Rest in Peace My Beautiful Arne and if God answers my prayer I will see you again over the Rainbow Bridge. I love you little one forever and always.

Nov 10, 2014
Coyote Rollers for Arne
by: Marie

I was on Channel 13 with Darcy Spears called the HOA Hall of Shame after I was denied the coyote rollers. Here is the website if you would like to see the story I had my hearing the 5th and was refused and now will go back on Channel 13 to show the outcome.
I was stunned.....I thought for sure they would change their minds and okay the rollers. I hope the TV station just boils them in oil for their heartless and senseless decision. Karma will get them. This HOA is not animal friendly. I will not give up the fight. I would stay away from this property if you have animals, they are more worried about the cushions and lounge chairs
and coffee creamer than the coyotes that freely walk around our neighborhood. Just a few days ago I took a picture of one walking on the sidewalk one house away from me. It was scary, as it was 10am in the morning and he had no fear of me. This is Solera At Stallion Mountain in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am not allowed to protect my animals or myself in my back yard, I have 6 foot walls and the coyote jumped in my yard, the rollers are needed so the coyote can't grip the top of my wall and then rolls off. If you go to you can see them. I miss Arne so much and if He can save one little furry friend
by making this information available then maybe my heart will began to heal.

Oct 12, 2014
Coyote Rollers for Arne
by: Marie

I live at Solera at Stallion Mountain in Las Vegas, Nevada. After my Beautiful Cat Arne was attacked, killed, and eaten inside my 6ft block walled yard I have been denied putting up the coyotes rollers to protect my animals. I have appealed their decision and will be going in front of the board on November the 5th.2014 This is not an animal friendly HOA. The rollers go on my back walls only and will not even be noticed from the front of the house. They stand about 3 inches high and will be powder coated to match the walls. I have cried so much over Arne and it hurts me so much that this HOA doesn't think
animals have any rights that live here or I to protect my animals and let them enjoy the outside yard. My heart is broken and I am overwhelmed by the ignorance of this committee. Having your yard to yourself is a beautiful thing. I just hope Arne didn't die in vain and I will be the first to get the coyote rollers up and help other pet owners to have that choice.

Aug 22, 2014
Thank you for your kind comments
by: Marie

Thank you for all your support. It is helping me move forward. I a got a 4 month old Siberian Forest Cat. He is adorable. By no means am I trying to replace Arne as these will never be another kitty who can ever be like him. I loved Arne so much and we had a 12 years of friendship, fun, and love. There is not a day go by that I don't shed a tear for my beautiful baby. He will always be my Beloved Arne....
I miss him so much. I named the little kitten Erne, he is named after Arne. He has some big paws to fill. Thank you all again dear friends.

Aug 20, 2014
Marie, I'm so very sorry
by: Anonymous

I too lost my sweetpea (Maggie) to a coyote at 7:14pm (cst) on 11/08/13 here in metro Dallas Tx,. She was killed just as dusk was ending and it became dark.

Little Maggie (short/petite, & sometimes a little chubby, soooo sweet and cute! xoxo), had a darling kind sweet temperament for a cat (very much like a loving dog) she was a real sweetheart and loved to be held and would give you kisses, fall asleep on her back whenever I would brush her. Except for insects, moths, to our knowledge she never killed any living creature in her 14.5 yrs. In fact she avoided cat fights (very submissive cat), and would avoid going outside if other cats were around. Occasionally, in her younger years, she had to defend herself from the bullying of her older brother, our male cat (Freddie)!.

Prior to losing her, unfortunately for some stupid reason, it didn't dawn on me that coyotes had already moved in to the urban city areas from the outer lying suburbs. Duh! I now know (unfortunately too late after losing Maggie)
Miss Maggie, our "Mimi", "Little Little" (her nicknames) sometimes left the enclosed backyard, through a hole at the bottom of our fence that led out to the "unprotected" side yard. We previously blocked that hole with a cement brick a long time ago, but lately had left it unblocked for some stupid reason, not sure why since many times, the two cats were fine just laying safely enclosed in our backyard area. Lately she loved to sleep just that hole to our 7ft fence gate, under the crap myrtle tree, Other than mild arthritis, she was very healthy for her age when she died. She would have been 15 this past March. My husband heard a a regular "cat fight" sounding scream, which he immediately recognized was Maggie. He immediately ran out to get her inside, and loudly clapped his hands and yelled "Maggie!" a couple of times. In response all he heard was the sound of a single animal of some kind (dog, fox, coyote) bolting through the nearby shrubs to get away as fast as possible, it was frightened at the sound of a man yelling "Maggie!" He did not hear any animal sounds, other than Maggie's single brief "cat fight" sounding scream. I was home but did not hear her. I came out and called for her, when she did not come, I opened the side gate and called for her again. In the darkness, with a little bit of light from the flood light, I could see her on her back. Initially I thought she was playing, which she does for me when I come to get her. She was not moving. I picked her up like a baby in my arms, screaming and crying.. We said our good byes. I now have her ashes and I still as I right this, am not over her. I miss her so much, not to mention the guilt that I will have to learn to endure the rest of my life.

Our side yard was very muddy at that time, and the next day during daylight hours, the distinct pawprints were confirmed of a single urban coyote next to where we found her body (the night before).

Aug 15, 2014
I am so very sorry for your loss
by: Brian Cummons

I lost my little angel just two days ago and I cannot cope with it. I understand your pain and I hope you find some semblance of comfort here. Our loved ones can be taken from us unfairly sometimes and the powerlessness of that prospect is absolutely devastating. But please know that you are not alone in your overwhelming grief. I have no idea how I will be able to continue on, but I know that I have to because there are still those here that love me and they need me. Right now I can't even help myself so I don't know how I am to continue on, but I have to try. I have to try for Shady and for those around me. Shady didn't save my life 4 times to have me give up now, and Arne wouldn't want you to give up either. The pain may never subside, but we will figure out how to live with it.

Aug 15, 2014
by: Nadine

Marie, what a beautiful cat your Arne was. I am so sorry he died in such a violent way. I fear that is what happened to one of our cats, Ashley. She was an inside/outside cat who unfortunately liked to roam. The other three stay close to home. And we have four who are strickly inside cats. We have some open fields near our house and i know coyotes are a problem there. We tryed keeping her inside but she would sneek out every chance she got. Ashley disappeared in May of 2013. We had her for 3 years from the time she was 4 weeks old. I miss her a lot, especially when i look at her plaque we have for her outside in our back yard. You tryed your best to keep Arne safe. I hope you can find some peace in the wonderful memories you have of him. Sincerely, Nadine

Aug 14, 2014
my beloved arne
by: christine

I am so sorry. I feel your hurt. It has been many years since I lost my dog, Nevada was his name. I still mourn for him. I cried for a long time. I still miss him so. The hurt is just like losing a loved one. I lost my 38 year old son a little over a year ago so I know first hand. Just keep him close to your heart and remember all the joy and laughter he brought you. The pain will lesson but the heartache will remain. You will always miss him because you loved him so. God Bless you.

Aug 14, 2014
SO sad
by: Judith in California

I'm so sorry you had to loose him in this way. I lost one that way years ago and it still hurts to think about. I will never let a kitty outside without me and a leash ever again.
Their little souls are in Rainbow Bridge. I know your heart is breaking now and I pray you will be okay in time.

Aug 14, 2014
May you always keep your sweet' memories of Arne.
by: Kay

I know Arne can never be 'replaced', but once you get Erne I feel you will begin to recover from this terrible loss.

Erne will love you and need your unconditional love and I know your heart is big enough for him.

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