My Beloved Cat Bridget

by Rebecca

Bridget came into my life at the beginning of her life. I was the foster for her pregnant mom Rosie. Rosie had a URI and poor Bridget caught it within a few days of her birth and had to be hand raised. Eventually I adopted Bridget, her mom Rosie and her brother Puddy.

Bridget grew into a large, beautiful cat despite her beginnings. She was not a lap sitter but she always would gravitate to wherever I was. She seemed content just to be nearby. She loved to rub my exposed feet with her face. Her favorite game was chasing the little red plastic rings from milk jug caps. I would roll one on the floor and she would be off to the races. She also enjoyed spring, summer and fall evenings sitting outside in the backyard. Nice and quiet and peaceful.

I came home from work about a month ago to find her lying near death on my bedroom floor. She managed a couple of raspy meows. I rushed her to the ER but she died on the way. They could find nothing obviously wrong with her. Heart attack, stroke, seizure? I'll never know what happened. She would have been 5 in September. She was my favorite of all my cats, probably because of the care she needed at the beginning of her life.

The grief has been the most overwhelming of my life. I have 6 other cats but I feel her absence every day. It is the first thing I think of every morning and I think about her often during the day. I find myself hoping and praying that animals do go on. That they do have an eternal spirit and that I might see her again.

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Jul 18, 2015
by: Rebecca

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am sorry for the loss of your spouse after so many years together. I know that loss must have seemed insurmountable.

You are right that I would not change one moment I have had with the people and animals that I have shared my life with in spite of the pain I feel when they pass on. They are what make life the wonderful experience that it is.

Jul 12, 2015
My Beloved Cat Bridget
by: Doreen UK

Rebecca I am sorry for your loss of Bridget. You gave her love and care and sadly this ended too soon. This is what is important. She had a need to be loved and this is what you did. WE want our pets to live forever and continue making us happy with the bond we share, but this life is all too short for all of us.
I have lost pet birds and my heart has been broken, and I lost my husband of 44yrs to a deadly cancer 3yrs.39 days ago as I nursed him when he was dying. Such a difficult experience to go through but one nevertheless we have to bear in life. But would we ever change the memories by never taking a risk to LOVE. NO! We would still make the same CHOICES and do it all over again. It is what we take from our life's memories that keep us going on in life. It is therefore important to keep making memories for those we still have in our life because they will also one day tread this same path we are on. In time you will heal and start to feel better and your world will change. It won't stay this way you feel now. You will become stronger through grief.

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