My Beloved Dahlia.

by Amber

What are you to do when one person can be brought into your life turn it upside down (in a good way) and exit just as easily as they came in. My sister Dahlia Jean Windham-Pruitt was born May 15, 2013 and became Gods perfect angel, November 13, 2013, 2 days short of 6 months.
The pain of it is almost unbearable. Before my sister came along my life was a reck. I was going no where in life. And at my age (15) you don't have many places to go but I was a screw up. When she was born I wanted to change for her. Be the big sister she deserved.
Now that she's gone its even harder to keep my life on track. Only God knows why it happens and I guess we'd never know until we can ask for ourselves. When this kind of things happen its hard to keep faith in God. He who we thought would never betray us. He who we thought would never do anything to hurt us. Our almighty father, our ultimat protector, had put this pain unto us. And we never know why.

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Dec 09, 2013
Beloved Dahlia
by: Anonymous--MI

I say 'Amen' and second the words of Doreen about God and His great love for us. The answers we are looking for in this earthly life are not to be ours until we meet Jesus-face to face-- and all will be made clear to us. Our understanding of why such hurtful things happen and our loved ones are taken away from us is like looking in a foggy mirror and we cannot see the details or see the clear picture. We must keep our faith and trust in Jesus and while we do not know where we are going many times, it will be the right way if we are following Jesus. God be with all of us who are suffering.

Dec 07, 2013
My Beloved Dahlia
by: Doreen UK

Amber I am sorry for your loss of your baby sister Dahlia. You have had such a painful loss to deal with at such a young age that has left you confused about God and his Care.
It is normal to see God as our protector and to rescue us from death and life in general. My husband was seriously ill with cancer and I prayed for a miracle and waited for this to happen according to my faith. But my husband died and I felt let down my God and was angry for a long time. Anger is part of our grief and God knew I didn't want to be angry with Him. But I was. My anger has gone against God but every now and then I feel so disappointed, that Some people live and some die. But I realised that God is in control of the world and our lives and we are all given a life span and we can't alter this. God is sovereign and we just have to trust Him when we don't have all the answers. God is still our creator, our saviour, our protector, our provider etc. None of us can second guess God and wonder why some people are healed and some like my husband are not. I don't love my children less when they make mistakes and God is like this also. God hates sin and it is Sin that brought death. God is one day going to destroy death forever when Jesus comes back to this earth for us as He promised in the Bible. We have a CHOICE. To believe or not believe. I have chosen to believe God and in God and know that every decision God makes is for our best. WE all have our Faith tested and can at times lose our Faith. But God is still the same. He doesn't change. We do. Ask God to help you get your Faith back in Him. Talk to God and let Him know how you feel, even though he knows this already. God just needs you to talk to him and be in contact with Him so He can help you move forward. As you get older you will mature and your thinking and the way you feel will change with time and as you Heal from your loss. God does nothing to hurt us. He will explain things to us one day. But for now we have to try and get through life one day at a time.

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