My Beloved Daughter Chi Chi

by Tonya Villa
(Orlando, FL)

There’s an ache in my heart
Lingering pain that will not go away
Tear stained eyes almost swollen shut
Forming pathways of dark red circles under each eye
I feel old, sick and weak, a part of me that will never be the same
The drip of a bleeding heart………
My sweet, precious, beloved kitty, Chi Chi has passed away
Sudden illness despite medication did not go away, she was hospitalized
Indications of improvement, signaled a return home in 2 days
Instead her symptoms worsened……..
She survived surgery, fought hard to stay…in the end her heart gave out

Oh! Let me tell you of my Chi Chi
She was more human, than cat.
She was my daughter…the second child I could never have…
My son was a lonely child before we adopted her from a Homeless Animal Shelter in NJ
He was only 5 ½ years old, when he chose Chi Chi as the one he wanted to be his little sister.
CJ named Chi Chi after the mother of one of his favorite Anime cartoon characters
They spent the next 12 ½ years growing together, I caring for and deeply loving them both
Chi Chi and CJ would run through the house playing a fast paced game of tag
When Cj played with his toys, Chi Chi would join him and slap a few around the floor
They cuddled and took naps together, much joy and laughter emanating from CJ’s room……
As CJ grew, they would play a rough game of kitty boxing…Chi Chi always winning with the use of both front, back paws and teeth.
When he did homework, she would sit perched somewhere over his shoulder to observe his progress
If CJ was out with friends, Chi Chi stood as a silent sentinel perched at the window or the door awaiting his return

My daughter Chi Chi was a part of my daily routine
Each morning she woke me up with a soft purr
She would rub against my leg in appreciation of each meal I fed her
Bounding out of the kitchen she would jump on my bed for daily petting
I still see her lounging on her favorite chairs, sitting or observing my every move from her favorite spots all over the house
She always followed me around, we talked to each other throughout the day
I loved holding her in my arms, her fur so soft and sweet smelling
She had mesmerizing green eyes that would turn almost black when she was excited
She was my Baby!!!!!
We watched TV together; she slept on my bed every night
Partially paralyzed in a hospital bed at home for 8 months after my spinal surgery, I was in despair
Alone while CJ was in school, Chi Chi never left my side
I would awake in pain; she would rise from the end of the hospital bed and comfort me
Chi Chi encouraged me to try to move my fingers again so I could pet her and to rise out of the bed to feed her
She was my comfort, constant companion and inspiration during one of the darkest hours of my life
How does one recover from such a loss?,
CJ and I are grieving, trying to stay strong…but it is difficult…she was so much a part of our lives!
How do we fill the gaping holes in our hearts, a member of our family is missing!
Rest in Peace Chi Chi………CJ and I MISS and will ALWAYS LOVE YOU…FOREVER!!!

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Jul 30, 2013
how is the pain?
by: Robin

Dear Tonya- I am so sorry for your loss of Chi Ch. Your description of the relationship you two shared reminds me of my own with my handsome dog Wrigley. He also followed me throughout my house. I spoke to him and cuddled with , laughed with and took care of him for 15yrs. He also "assisted" by 13 yr old daughter with her homework each night! So, 5months later, I am wondering how you and CJ are feeling. Are you getting used to your home without her there? Many people tell me to get a new per, did you both do that? I truly hope you are both healing and enjoying your memories. Thank you for sharing your story with others. It helped me.

Feb 28, 2013
My Beloved Daughter Chi Chi
by: Doreen U.K.

Tonya I am so very sorry for your loss of Chi Chi. It is such a heartache to lose a pet or a person from your life who you had a special bond with. I can understand your pain. Such a loss is so gut wrenching. You feel you can't bear this loss. I have lost many pets and people and know how that bond and special relationship just kills you inside. YOu feel that you can't go on in life without that pet. She was such a special part of your life as you were to her. No one expects you to get over this loss any time soon. I hope you keep a Chi Chi Journal and write all you can about her as you did in this post. It was sad but enjoyable reading of your life and how Chi Chi interacted daily and paid such a precious part in your life to make it more meaningful and full of joy and happiness. Who would ever want a relationship like this to end. NO ONE. My heart is aching for you and with you in your loss. May God bring you all the comfort in your loss and grief and bring you Peace in the days and months ahead.

Feb 28, 2013
Beautiful Chi Chi
by: Diane

Please accept my condolences, I'm so very, very sorry for your loss. I wish I could answer your questions, but there are no answers for this kind of anguish and grief. I can only pray for you and let you know we all share in you heartache, we are shattered and lost, just like you. I keep crying too, but nothing helps, and it won't change anything. Only time eases the hurt a little. Please grieve as much as you need, but remember your little Chi Chi is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, a beautiful angel. Someday you will think of her with a smile instead of tears, although it doesn't seem like that now. RIP beautiful Chi Chi!

Feb 28, 2013
Chi Chi
by: Debi M.

Tonya and CJ -

So sorry for the loss of your Chi Chi. Our pets truly are children with fur. God bless you for giving Chi Chi a warm and loving home. Chi Chi will forever be in your hears. I wish you comfort and happy memories -

Debi M.

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