My beloved dog Passion

by Shiela

Passion was mixed breed, she was part Chow part Shepard.
My husband and I was out on a ride in Colorado Springs when he told me that we could stop by the spca. He told me not
to get excited and not get my hopes up, that we was just going to look. I remember telling him that if such dog would be there I would only want a pup! Low and behold we came across not just one but two puppies they were sisters and yes, I wanted them both; but my husband reminded me we would be traveling across country and we wouldn't have room in the back of the car with two big puppies and our son. So I had to make up my mind which one I would take, I do believe I closed my eyes and just pointed because they were both so cute!!! She would be receiving her name right then and there it would be Passion I have always considered and have felt that there is something in a name. She was sweet and held true to her name until the very day she parted this life. Passion was 13 going on 14. My story is a difficult one. Although she was getting old and at times when I looked at her, she just looked tired and sick all at the same time!!! I seen her to have good and bad days, somedays she could hardly walk, you see, I was just hoping that one day she would go out on the deck and fall in to a finial sleep!!! I now know I was trying to hold on to her and she was trying to hold on for me. But this past April Passion had a stroke, that morning I let her out, and when it was time for her to come back in, I noticed she didn't respond. I walked over and she couldn't move. I really thought I would be losing her that that moment I was able to get in touch with a traveling Vet she told me that this was to be common in dogs her age, she also told me that Passion could last another 6 months to a year. I thank God for this lady, she had so much compassion. But unfortunately this Vet was not the person to give Passion the right of passage. Two weeks ago today marked the day I had to decide for her to be put to sleep, on Friday October 19th 2012 my husband called her for to eat and she could not move. I called my sister Pam. By the time she arrived I had almost finished digging the grave.My sister knew the sorrow I had to endure. She agreed that I needed to come and spend time with Passion before she took her final journey. I looked into her eyes and her right eye was jumping and she was drooling it looked like a light stroke I knew I could not care for her the way she needed I will always remember this rainy and cold day. This state charge so much to put your animal down and get the ashes in return. So I decided to bury her body in our back yard. I plan to put a marker on her grave to make it easy for my visits in warmer months. My plans is to build a flower garden and add a water feature In her memory. She will always hold a special place in my heart. My Passion has gone into her forever night!!! Sweet peace and rest baby dog. Love your human mother.

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Nov 06, 2012
A heartbreaking decision
by: SoSadDad

Sheila, I have sincere sympathy for you. I remember when our little mutt Harriet developed cancer for the second time, and the vet said it was time to end her pain and suffering. The night before, I took her for a walk, and had to carry her most of the way. Somehow I think she knew, and was ready. Yet as I held her in the vet's office while they administered the medication, I cried so hard! Our pets are sometimes like children to us, and it hurts so much to lose them. I can put things in perspective a little better now. I have since, in fact, in the last three years, lost both of my daughters, Mel at 31 and Jenn at 28. Nothing compares to losing a child. Yet I have tears now as I recall Harriet. The pain and grief are just as real with a pet as with a child, although not as intense or so long-lasting. It is real pain, sadness and grief, and I'm so sorry for you and your husband.

God bless you,

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