My Beloved, Jerry Paul Gard, RIP, 3/1954 to 7/2012

by Valerie Landis
(Stowe, PA 19464)

Jerry watching over me

Jerry watching over me

Dearest Jerry,

I make this page to honor you and as a tribute to you. You are my soulmate, my everlasting love. There will be no other love like ours. We shared the best of times, and honestly, we shared some of the worst of times too. But, it made US what we are. Forever eternally in Spirit. I believe that love never dies. It is a living thing. Therefore, our love goes on beyond what is visible to the Earth world. I believe you are with me in Spirit form. You have sent me so many signs. How could I not believe?. I've been wanting to create a memorial page to you. Now I can. You are the best husband, provider, lover, friend, shoulder to cry on, HUSBAND, worker, certified peer specicialist, MAN I could ever have been honored to know. You treat me with respect, kindness, dignity throughout my challenges with alcohol and drugs. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BRINGING ME BACK TO PENNSYLVANIA where I could be healthy again. For that, I am forever indebted to you. I know there were many nights, I know this now, that I should have spent more time with you my baby turtle, lil one. Lesson learned. Your friends miss you, your family misses you, and God knows my heart has been shattered into pieces I know no number for. I haven't removed anything of yours from the house. I cannot bear to. Everyday, I visit you at "our" bridge and talk to you. I sleep with your ashes. Mokie misses you so much. RIP my baby darling. I can't wait to be in your arms again. Love eternally, your vally

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Nov 04, 2014
at a loss at the moment
by: Vally

Dearest turtle baby one, my Jerry, I love you so much... tonight/tomorrow, you never woke up !!!
I love you so much. I am struggling so much without your presence and emotional support in my life. I want and need to change employers. I need your emotional support. Baby I need you to talk with God and have him direct me. Change is so scary without you here. Why WHy Why ??? why us?
why this?
why you, why me? why US? it has been over two yrs. and I still can't think about the day I lost you. I tried to save, or did I? did I do the right things? you died.
I belong to grief groups; I believe I will see you again, ... I know you have my heart forever.
and I pray you have mine. I type this as Pandora, plays 'Calling all Angels'. Another sign from you. I see so many....but I fear sharing it with people who won't understand. it is between you and I, and a select few who do understand. Jer, I can't do what I'm doing anymore for work. I can't. I need to change it. and I 'm scared to. what if no one wants me? I am freeze framed. please help me.
i'll talk to you in my dreams later.
eternally, your vally, who loves you so much you'll never be gone from me.... always and eternally yours, Vally

Feb 18, 2014
signs, growth
by: your vally

dearest baby turtle one JERRY,
oh how I love the signs you sent me yesterday... the turtles , the numbers 111, I feel so close to you right now... I know you are right here with me on this snowy over me dearest one and guide me..i love you eternally, until you welcome me home, rest in peace darling, I act in your honor on a daily basis. I love you forever, vally

Aug 30, 2013
august 30 2013
by: vally

dearest baby turtle one,
and now, some time later, my life goes on but without you. I miss you so much but it is through my earlier words to and about you that I see I have strengthened. oh don't get me wrong, I still sleep with your ashes, shed tears on a moments notice and carry a deep pain deep within. my eyes so it. but I am stronger. mokie is right here next to me. he is part of you and I spoil him for you, just like you did. I go through the days, in my helping profession, helping others, as you did too. I remember. I remember it all. I love you forever, always, eternally. we will be together again,, I know. until then babyone, please continue to send the signs, the love, the care. We have a love few will ever know. but jerry, I am at a point where I am so lonely. please consider that. please. I love you forever, always, eternally, Until I am in your arms again, I remain forever yours, ..vally

May 08, 2013
my beloved Jerry Paul Gard
by: silver

My love,my soul mate, left me on May 29,2011.This is a beautiful letter.I was so moved by it.We were married 33 yrs.I miss him so much.I go on because,like you,I believe that one day we will be with each other again.My husband was cremated also. He picked out the land we bought & live on. I scattered his ashes there. He always wanted a grandfather clock so his urn is like the top of one. It is in my living room.I also believe that "what GOD joined together" will be for all eternity.I have had dreams where,when my soul rises up,that we see each other and run into each others arms.We had our good & bad times also,but isn't that always the way with couples.I believe that if you really love someone it is unconditional love.I believe that if GOD could love us that way,why can't we love others that way.May GOD send you love and peace until you are united again.

Apr 07, 2013
Your BFF
by: Liz Mihailoff

Val this is a beautiful tribut to Jerry. You know he is with you always. Every moment you spent with Jerry is something I know you and Jerry will cherish forever. We say we "should have spent more time", you did what you were suppose to and so did he. You never gave up on him, regardless of the bad times, you always knew this man's love for you. The love you both shared with each other is priceles...and I know no others who shared that kind of love. You both were truely soul mates...and truely made in heaven. He will continue to watch over you Val, as god does. Angels surround you my friend. You will always have signs that he is with you.

Apr 07, 2013
Thank you for sharing
by: Mike

Val, that is beautiful, no doubt Jerry is looking over your shoulder and with you all the time.

Mike Danielson

Apr 05, 2013
Valerie and Jerry
by: John Pitts

Valerie, what a wonderful display of words to and for Jerry. I can see clearly why he loved you so much.

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