My beloved Mother


My beloved mom passed away on 21 April night. The day she had a stomaCh pain. I called her several times, as I live far away from her. She told me to check out some medicine in the net. I told her to go to hospital, but she refused saying she would go the next day if she could walk. I told her some medicine and told my brother to take care of her. Then again I called her and my brother said she was fine.So I didnt disturb that night, thinking she could take rest. I was waiting to call her at 7am. But my brother called me saying,she has expired. I cant imagine the anguish I felt then and it lasts even today.I am feeling angry at my brother for not checking on her at night, as I told him to be near her as she may get up and chances are she may faint and fall down.That's what happened in reality.No one knows what happened.But she was lying sideways with her face covered with blood. Tell me, people how can I contain this grief at this sudden passing away?

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May 21, 2012
So sorry.
by: Roop

It's absolutely shocking n I don't blame u for being angry also. But try n not say it do anything in anger as u may repent later. U r shocked n in grief. U must grieve for ur mom but try not to let any bitterness settle in. I was v angry n bitter those days but now wen I look back I think i should have handled things better. Although i dint care abt ppl then but maybe mama wud have been happier if I had not done or said certain far as missing or mothers goes, I think of her every second. Miss her every minute. It takes a long time I guess for the pain to subside. Can't give any advice coz m still struggling to live with it. pls take Care n try not to blame urself or ur bro. Hope u find peace soon.

May 20, 2012
So sad
by: Amy from New Jersey

Dear Usha,

I am so sad for you to have lost your dearest mother in this terrible way. It is only 5 weeks for me since I lost my sweet husband very suddenly as well. I think you are still in shock and it will take some time for you to slowly come out of the shock. It is not your brother's fault. He did not really understand how to be watching her - did no one suggest an autopsy so you could find out the cause of her death? Although that will not bring her back. Sometimes the grief is very terrible, but like a wave it will pass. More grief will come but you will have some rest in between the waves of grief. Your mind wants to have some peace so you can sleep and eat and do what essential things you must do to stay healthy yourself. Your mother loved you so much --- she wants you to take care of yourself even while suffering this terrible pain.

I know it is very hard. My friends say it will get better for me after some time. I believe them. I believe you will live through this agony of loss...I am so sorry. Amy

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