My Beloved Mother/The Late Great Laura B. Pellom

by TaJuana
(Washington, DC)

When I was a little girl oh roughly around 5 or 6 years of age, whenever I got sick from anything from a cold, flu or asthma, my mom would always take the best care of me. She purchased a humidifier for my serious asthma attacks, she would put me in the car and just start to drive from DC and wind up in NY. The further she drove seemed like my weazing and congestion eased up until I was feeling much better. My mother was the best mom that a daughter could ask for. My mom would always show me tough love and gave me respect, widom and lots of knowledge for all paths that I would take in life. My mom also, stuck behind me all the way and no matter which road I wanted to take, she was always right there supporting me in every way shape or form. I had the best mom in the whole world and I miss her so, so, so much. When my mom suffered a mini-stroke a few years ago, it was really hard to see her in that condition, because my mom was so tough and strong yet vulnerable to other serious health conditions. She went on dialysis and continued to go down hill from there. I became her full time private caregiver, quitting my job to take care of her full-time. There is no other woman like your mother who will bend over backwards for her child. When I lost my mom to a stroke and then heart failure, it seemed like God was punishing me for something I did that he didn't like, I felt really confused and lost and still do without my beloved mother as of this day. I constantly ask God "Why did You Take My Best Friend/Beloved Mother So Soon From Me?" and I asked him every dreadful day since January 2008, and he told me that "He didn't want my mom to no longer suffer from all unpleasant things that life has to offer and she would be better off right by his side doing his work in heaven". Where she could be care free and no longer have to stress out about life here on earth. I know she's in the best hands anyone could be in right now "In Gods Hands". My mom was warm hearted, kind and respectful of other peoples feelings. My mom was very smart, kind and generous to family and friends. I miss my mom oh so much. I miss her advice and showing me the right path in life. I still wish I could pick up the phone and hear her voice on the other end of the telephone having our long conversations and chit-chats about any and everything like we use to, laughs and sadness's and just bonding together, when I became her full time caregiver, we had gotten closer and bonded more than when I was growing up. I really miss those times we had together. I loved taking care of the woman who gave birth to me, brought me into this horrible world we live in. May she rest in peace. Mrs. Laura B. Pellom 1924-2008. She was 82 years of age. ("I JUST WANT HER BACK").

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Mar 16, 2013
My Beloved Mother/The Late Great Laura B. Pellom
by: Doreen U.K.

Tajuana I am sorry for your loss of your mom at a good age. No matter how old our parents are we will always feel sorrow when they die and leave us. My father is 91yrs. and I will miss him when he dies but I will cope better because of his age. My mom died 10yrs ago at age 77yrs. I miss her and her wisdom and strength she gave to her family. It is this security we feel that leaves us so open and vulnerable to the world and its often harshness elements.
You mom believed in God from your post so this is good. you will see her again.
The Bible does say in the book Ecclesiastes that the day of one's death is better than the day of one's birth because we are all born into a world of sorrow and pain and heartache. But it is the relationships that we form and bond with in our family and friendships is what we feel empty and lonely without. It feels as if we are joined by an umbilical cord we call family and it is cut physically at birth but emotionally and spiritually this is felt at death more. It is an emptiness and lonliness that comes from our soul. You/We can see our life as a Blessing from our family.

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