My Best Friend A Strong Woman

by Diane E. Moore
(Jackson, MS)

Yes, this story is very hard to tell. My mother past on December 21, 2010. Yes, 4 days before Christmas and 18 days before my birthday which was January 8th 2011, and that was the day her memorial service was held. It was a hard day for me although I remained strong for my brothers.

In spite of what others say My mother in life was a strong person who love to smile and love to share whatever she had with others. For me it was her time, clothes, finances, food, which she did on the day my brother was hospitalized she save little desserts and samples of food for my younger brother and I. I just want to let someone else know that no matter what, a good mother is hard to find and mine will terribly be missed. She will never be forgotten. I can only say she is being missed there is not a day that passes my mother isn't thought of.

I am now responsible for the care for my handicap brother who is very different then us. So, keep us in your prayers for we are grieving her death and needing much prayers, comfort for that day of her memorial for me was not very easy for we are in the process of looking for a headstones. So, she can be remembered on this earth by being able to be identify, at the grave site.

The funeral home really messed over us for my brother's aunt was the one who really got involved and messed things up and later the funeral home director was not kind to us as a family with no insurance. We feel he got over now it is over.

My mother died without insurance and we had to do this through donations and no one gave my brothers or I anything to help us continue to make it. The funeral home ended up getting $4800.00 in donations alone with financial charges which my brother's aunt my mother's sister-in-law finance the balance. The total amount we had to have was $4300.00 before he did my mother's memorial service he did nothing until the balance of $4300.00 was paid when we everything was done the total price ended up being $8500.00

So, please be mindful when you have in-laws who have the attitude of thinking their helping which they really are not. So, as of today we are getting by, for her income has gone back to the government we are still taking care of my handicap brother in my mother's old home and my home has many bills also. Well, keep the Moore family in your prayers for as you see from her picture she was pretty lady and full of smiles. You would of loved her.

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Feb 11, 2011
You are in my Prayers
by: TrishJ

I will definitely keep your family in my prayers. There has to be some state assistance for your brother. Are you receiving anything for his care? I'm not familiar with the laws in your state but there should be assistance for him and for you as his caregiver.

You really have a full plate. My grandmother always told us as we were growing up, "God does not give us more than we can handle." I have often wondered about those words throughout my life. I buried my beloved husband 10 weeks ago today. I just don't feel very strong right now. I keep praying for strength and for God to help me understand why I have been dealt this crummy hand.

Funeral homes can be very cold and inconsiderate. They can sometimes make you feel worse about losing your loved one when they are supposed to be comforting you and taking the burden off you (even for just a few days).

This is a very supportive site. There are really a lot of amazing people here who will give you some support anytime you need it.
Write your feelings often. It really does help. Hugs and God's blessings to you, your brother and your entire family.

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