My best friend died in a sudden death and it's hard for me to accept what she needs to die so soon

by Cherryl del pilar
(Abu Dhabi uae)

My best friend has died in an unexpected death, she died of a multiple organs failure , she died the day before those things happened she asked me where I will be going as she wanna see me so i told here I dunno when I will be going home as I am working overseas , then she just reply to me what if I die will you go home then I told her yes I will go home then she said you promise you will go home if I die then I said yes promise I will go home to see you, which I did I went home when she died,the day she went to the hospital she called me and said She will go to a confinement as she has a high fever but sad to say only she stayed 3 days in the hospital and she died , we didn't expect those things to happened that's why it's to much pain for us to accept , and I'm sure she didn't expect it also . As she is the youngest and bread winner of her family as well, she is the one which providing everything for her family ,chill and I were very close best friend since high school we are friends in more than 18 years, we are working in different place far from each other,we are very closed to each other,we almost talk everyday as our life was not complete with out talking each other or seeing in Skype, as we rely on each other, we have a lot of dreams in our life together, as she is the partner of my life , now that she's gone, my life was incomplete I dunno what to do anymore, as I felt guilt also because when she was in the hospital she told me to go home and see here and she will be fine , but I didn't go home that time because I'm thinking the money that I will be spending for the ticket will helped her for hospital bill,now it's very hard for me to accept that she's not with me anymore, I cannot talk with her everyday,I loss partner in life, it's hard for to accept that she died already, I just need some opinion or help what I'm gonna do to this difficult stage of my life , I cried everyday it's so difficult

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Sep 30, 2014
I just wanna say thank you for Doreen for your time to give some advice
by: Cherryl

Thank you so much Doreen UK for your time and advice I do really appreciate it helped a lot to me to open my mind for the reality , I hope I can get in touch with you just incase your interested here my email add hope to be contacted with you soon , thank you so much for your time giving me some adviced, as at this stage really I don't know what to do and what's going on , a lot of questions but I know only God knows what is happening , still it's difficult for me to accept that she is not with us already I know only god know the perfect timing to accept the reality, I wish and pray for you the good health , just take care yourself and always believe in him as gods only knows whaTs his plan for us, again thank you so much for our time and advice, God bless you and your family ,

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Sep 15, 2014
My best friend died in a sudden death and it's hard for me to accept what she needs to die so soon
by: Doreen UK

Cherryl you are facing raw grief now and this will be so painful for some time as you try to process the loss of your partner.
She was asking you if you would come home if she died. Asking you this more than once. She may have had a slight feeling that she may die whilst still trying to protect you by saying that she would be O.K. because she didn't want to worry you. It is so hard trying to be the breadwinner and struggling through life. This is a common problem for so many people in this difficult days. The best way forward is by taking ONE DAY AT A TIME. Many people are ill and recover and some die. This is hard to accept. I have just recovered from pneumonia and thought I was going to die as I felt so ill. I also suffer from Asthma and bad lungs and just try to live one day at a time and not think of death as this will happen to each of us in time. As painful as grief is you will recover in time from months to years for some. It should get easier each day when you start to heal. Read other posts on this site to strengthen you and help you move forward. It is not knowing what to expect from grief and how long it will last that is confusing to everyone of us. I wish you better days ahead as you try to get your life back and decide what you are going to do. Don't rush to make changes too soon. Take your time.

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