My Best Friend, My True Love!

by Tammy Base

I lost my husband last September, he was always home every evening. We spent day and night together, he was always such a joy, we traveled many miles and enjoyed all parts of our lives. I just miss him so much and really am having a harder time, my heart aches for my husband as there is no one to replace him, life is so lonely. God is watching over me but this is all so hard.

What is the plan? I am trying to find a support group to attend to see if I can get through this, you see I also lost my dad unexpectedly three and one half years prior to losing my husband. My family is dealing with his death and can not help me because they can not move on after losing dad, they do not understand and I know that they can't because they are not in my shoes. Truly I do not want to lean on them as they set me back. I like to be around happy people and trust me, most people think I am doing great, I hide my feeling because I know I am the only one who can feel what I feel.

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May 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

I know I have to be around people, being alone is not an option for me, it took me awhile to figure that out, I am 51 years old. You can go on and I will pray for you as God loves all of us, we are all his children, he will call us home someday, if it would be my time I am ready but only God knows. Please tell someone you are struggling, find someone who will listen. I am going to go to grief sessions at a church I found, as I am finding most who have lost have the same feelings I do. Keep in touch.

May 09, 2010
I so know how hard it is to get groups to help
by: Anonymous

How are you holding on? I thought my partner and i would be together for ever he was 48 when he died i was 50. Know what? I do not want to do one more thing with out him; how are you holding on?

May 09, 2010
For Tammy
by: Mari

Dear Tammy. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. I know it is a terribly sad thing as I lost my husband in Nov 2009.
I have found that staying close to the Lord helps me get through each day. Losing my sweetheart has been the most difficult thing I ever went through.

I hope you have a friend you can talk to. Also attending church can give you a great support group. Reach out to people whom you feel comfortable to talk with and express your feelings. You will find that more people care then you thought.

Many people think I have fully recovered from my loss but that is not so. I will never stop missing my sweetheart. But in some ways I am better. Time is a great healer. God bless you.

May 07, 2010
by: Judy


Please accept my condolences on the loss of your beloved husband.

I also lost my husband-I lost mine in November. Only someone who is sitting in our shoes can understand the depth of our grief. Everyone says I am doing well also but that front is so false. People just don't want to hear about how you are feeling so I just have come to say nothing and they think I am OK and I am not really. I miss him everyday, often I see or hear something and I've actually turned my head to talk to him before I realize he is not there. It is a lonely time.

I haven't been able to find a grief support group either but I did find a counselor through my company EAP who has been helpful.

God Bless and hang on.

May 06, 2010
The world and you
by: Zoe

The world moves you don't.
The fact is as much as you loved your dad, you don't want to hear about other people's pain. You can only process so much. My beloved is gone a month and a half.. I live in darkness. But, I put on a good front.. it is the inside that is broken.

Everyone does this different. You can google for groups if that will help. Personally like I said, I don't have the place in me to hear other people's pain. I can barely contain my own.
this site helps, you will find people who you can relate to..

good luck

May 06, 2010
Sounds very similar
by: Barbara

I also lost my husband in September. The best support I found was Grief Share. They have a website You can see if there is a group near you. It will also help your family.
You can read my entry Randy Lee Cummings on this site.

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