My best friend my way of life

by dennis

My best friend my way of life

I lost my mother when i was 17 on the 24/03/07 its been a long time now but i still cant get over how it happen when she died my dad went a bit funny cause he was heart broken and he made silly choices he kicked me out on the streets and i had no one my sister started rumors about me to my family and no one would take me in so it scared me pretty deep im 24 now and i have a beautiful girlfriend and a 18 month old daughter the are my everything i work till the day i die to make shore my family would never go threw what i went threw im still grieving now when i go to her grave i still sob i cant help it and i cant stop until i leave the place i dont know why its still very hard for me to get over it its been 6 years

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Dec 19, 2013
My best friend my way of life
by: Doreen UK

Dennis I am sorry for your loss of your mom and for the loss of your years of life that caused you so much pain. Death causes many fractures in a family. For your father to put you out of the family home is cruel and very hurtful. Each of your family have issues that they need to deal with as this is causing cruelty that is unnecessary. Times of loss doesn't always pull family members together. Often it can cause family to separate. this happened to me when I lost my husband of 44yrs. 19 months ago to cancer. I am happy for you now you have a stable relationship and a caring attitude to life and your loved one's.
Because you are still suffering raw grief after 6 yrs that is tearing you apart you need to now see a grief counsellor to help you work through your feelings of loss and insecurity losing your mom. You may be stuck in grief and can't move forward due to a repressed blockage. A trained skilled person can help you with this and you will soon start to find yourself heal better, which will be good for all of you. You may even be able to resolve your hurt from your past which is affecting you moving forward, and interfering with your grief. I have done this counselling work so I know how beneficial it is and how I have healed from this. You can also. Don't repress your feelings of grief and just put up with this as your hurt won't go away by itself. I suffered for 40yrs. before I did something about my depression. It took 4yrs. and I have never gone back to those old feelings or any depression. I have healed to a degree I can cope with life. You will also heal. Best wishes

Dec 19, 2013
Your Best Friend
by: Anonymous

Im very sorry about your mom.You were so young to go through that.And we never get over losing anyone we just learn to live with it.I lost my dad on 09-25-07 and it still hurts.I think its a terrible thing what you went through and being thrown out by your dad and other family made it worse.Family should come together at a time like that.You all really needed each other.Just know that your not alone your mom will always be with you.

Dec 19, 2013
Your best friend
by: Anonymous

There is no time limit when grieving however, by crying you are healing so it is a good thing.

When reading your past you have been through so much and I believe your should leave the past in the past and move on. You sound as though you are very responsible towards your new family they are whats important and look after them, your mum would be so proud of you knowing that you are a tremendous dad and husband/partner.

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