My Best Friend

by Tim
(Vicksburg, Michigan)

My wife and I picked Tippy up when he was about 2 years old. He was a English springer spaniel, 60 pounds, black and white with brown eye brows. His previous owner could no longer keep him. He was excited to come with us and hopped right in my car with his tennis ball. This was 8 years ago. When we got him home he seemed really nervous. I literally layed on the floor with him for for more than an hour just petting him and letting him crawl on me. Than I sat in my chair and we played catch for another 1/2 hour. When my wife got home he greeted her at the door happy to see her, but he was now MY DOG, because of our hours of bonding. Tippy was left home alone for the first time, about 2 hours, and when we came home the carpet in front of both doors was tore up from him trying to get out. From than on he went EVERYWHERE with us. He would sit in the car waiting for us and on more then one occasion, we would find a note on our windshield saying how sweet and beautiful he was. Of course if it was warm outside, he would stay home with one of us or we would have to get a babysitter. As long as he was with a person he was happy. I used to think it was real pain having to find a sitter or a motel that allowed dogs, he ALWAYS went on vacation with us and actually new when we were going, he loved to travel. But that was not a pain after all. The real pain is not being able to do that ever again. Yesterday, he was outside and just fell over and stiffened his back legs out. I knelt down beside him and he was not breathing and had no pulse. I performed mouth to mouth and chest compression and thought for a moment that I had him back. But it was not to be.He was absolutely my best friend.My everyday routine, for the last 8 years, is all screwed up now. I never new I could love my dog as much as I do. Everything reminds me of him and I break down all the time. I know time will heal but right now it doesn't feel like it ever will. I guess my only condolence is that he didn't suffer a long painful illness or the soreness of old age. Tippy, I love you. You were the best dog I ever had. You were perfect and I am going to miss you and think about you for the rest of my life.

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Mar 09, 2016
We are all united in grief
by: Carol E

Tim, I understand your feelings totally. We lost our lovely quirky 3 and a half year old cat Dexter following a road accident a week ago. It was the sudden shock of him going so quickly, even though he initially survived surgery, which I have found hard to bear. He had some wonderful traits, like waiting for me to get home on our front wall and would nuzzle up and lick my hand if I was tired, or didn' t feel well. The only thing I can do, is write my feelings in a journal, which helps me recall lovely things about our cat. I am also going to get some nice photos of him framed, so I feel he is still about the place. I still visualise him about our house, as I feel his spirit is around, which helps a little. I' m sure we all get days we think good thoughts about them, and days when we just desperately miss them not being there. I know it will take time, but it is good to try to think about all the things they did that made us smile and their funny little habits. I hope the support of people on here will help you with.your grief

Jan 31, 2016
My Best Friend
by: Doreen UK

Tim I am sorry for your loss of Tippy. A loss of a pet is somehow very different and equally painful as losing a person. I have lost pets and my sister recently lost her Westie to cancer. Oh how painful that feels. I had my pet love bird die in my cupped hands as I took him out of his cage as he struggled to climb up the bars. He was blind in one eye. It hurt all over again when I lost more birds. I eventually lost my beloved husband to cancer and almost 4yrs on I refuse to get a dog. I know it would help with grief and what my daughter wants also. But to be honest the pain of loss is not something I want to go through again anytime.
But for many people to love a pet again in time helps. Having owned a dog you may get the desire back to giving another dog the loving experience and enhance your life through this difficult world of much sorrow. Pets have a different type of connection to us that hurts just as much. It could be a look, the way they come up to you if you are not having a good day. The way they interact in a fun way as a child would do. But whatever it is there is a bond established that can't be broken even by death. WE miss them when they are not there. It is this loss of emptiness that HURTS. It is only time that can heal you from this loss and help you to heal

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