"My Best Friend"

by Samantha
(Alaska, USA)

In Jan., 2009, I lost my husband of 39 years to liver cancer. Anyone who has watched as the love of their life slowly disappear into the body of pain and suffering that my Micheal became, can understand the anguish of helplessness that you can feel.

We knew for years that it would end this way, but that doesn't ease the finality of it. It doesn't make it less of a loss. Michael was the love of my life and I miss him so very much that it will take a long time to feel any kind of normal again. My sorrow and my emptiness are my constant companions now. Without the love of The Lord, I could not face each day. But I do, and I work a 40 hr. job, and I own a home that needs care, and I have two dogs that "need me". My life is full, but my heart is empty.

Shortly after Mike had gone to be with the Lord, I wrote a poem(which is something that I've done all my life).

I want to share this with you, because several places you have stated that writing is a release of feelings and pain. I want everyone who reads this to know that this is very true. It does help, no matter what it may end up sounding like, you will feel better for it.

"My Best Friend"

I was young and silly, just two weeks from eighteen,
You were tall, lean, & handsome, like every girl's dream.

From the first moment I saw you, I knew the truth be told,
I would marry & Love you till we were both very old.

The two daughters we were blessed with came from above,
With them The Lord built a unity to strengthen our love.

Throughout this precious journey that I shared with you,
I have loved, laughed, & cried, I know you have too.

But we stuck together thick, thin, and even in between,
And we stayed together till God painted our last scene.

But now you are gone and I'm left with a burden of grief,
And only my Lord Jesus can guide me to relief.

He's my husband now and I am His wife,
It will be this way from now till the end of my life.

But, Michael, we know that this earth is not the end,
We'll walk together in Paradise, Forever & A Day,
For You Are "My Best Friend."


Thank You for sharing this time with me. Michael was
a special, passionate man, who Loved with every bit of
his being. Most of all he loved The Lord and he is with
Him now, watching over us.

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Dec 05, 2010
Strong Women
by: Bill Cash

Samantha, u r obviously a very strong women, ur story made me cry but only because it sounds so familiar. I lost my Lynda Jo last sept. of what started out to be breast cancer but after 3 years of daily pain meds, it went to her liver & we lost the battle. It's hard for me to explain to my kids, losing my Lynda wasn't like losing a brother, sister or father (I have lost all 3) she was everything to me. I feel uncomfortable when someone tells me they know what I'm going through, after reading ur story I believe u really do know how I feel. God Bless You. You r one of Gods Strong Women

Aug 03, 2010
Do you think this emptiness will end?
by: Nikki

I lost my Dad, and I know that it's not
like losing your husband of so many years,
but the pain is still there. Grief is the
hardest thing to understand. It gets hold of
you, it takes you where it wants to go, and
then leaves you feeling empty and alone.

Do you think this emptiness will end? People
tell you that you will "pull through", but
they're not where I am.

God, Please grant us the courage to go on...
The strength to get through each day ...
And the wisdom to make the right choices.

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