My best friend.

On October 1st, 2010 I was at a meeting in the local hospital where I work. The meeting was of all the Department Managers and our Vice President got called out of the meeting. A half hour later, she came back into the meeting and said, " We should be very proud of our Emergency Department. We just encountered a terrible accident and the doctors and the nurses were great". I sat there for a few minutes, wondering what had happened and praying to god that the accident did not involve any of my family members. The meeting lasted another hour and I packed up my paperwork and headed back to my office.

As I walked in my office, my assistant looked at me with disbelief and said, "J.G. (initials) was killed this morning, at work". I asked her again what she said and she told me. J.G. had worked for PENNDOT, road construction. He had been at a road construction scene as the flagman. The driver of a pickup truck did not obey the traffic signs and hit J.G. going at a fast rate of speed. J.G. was over 250 pounds and he flew 51 feet and landed on a rock, in a ditch. He was killed instantly. J.G. was my best friend. He called me every day. He attended the same gatherings with me on the outside. He was a true friend and a very loving, friendly man. He was gone. 51 years old. Never married, no children but many friends.

I had talked to him the day before and was waiting for his morning "text" message to me that day. It never came. He was taken from me with no warning signs. Since that day I have been struggling with the "whys" and "hows". I was raised catholic. I have a strong faith. I pray daily, but this time I was mad. Mad at god for taking such a special person away from me with no warning. No answers and complete disbelief. I never got to say goodbye but I was able to say during our last conversation, the day before, I love ya buddy.
Its been 28 days since his death. I'm struggling still. I cry every night. I pray to god that he has made his journey. I had a dream last night that I was running through the woods, in the dark. Not able to find my way back to where I came from. My cellphone rang, in my dream, and the person on the other line said " What does RP mean". I woke up and wrote my dream down. Confused over what the content of the dream was about. I work with a girl who's daughter interprets dreams. I told her about this dream but did not tell her about my friends death. She called her daughter and came back to me later this afternoon. She said her daughter interpreted my dream. Asked me if I had recently lost someone close to me. I told her yes. The dream was interpreted as a person who was gone from this earth. The person was looking for his/her way back to us but couldn't come back and wanted me to know that he/she found his/her place and is now " Resting Peacefully". "RP" was the letters used in my dream.

I am finding comfort in this, right now, but confused and lost over my friend. Every day is a struggle for me. Its only been 28 days and 28 days of no phone calls, no smiling face, no voice. I called his cellphone a couple of times over the past 28 days just to hear his voice. I called again tonight and his message has been erased. The number is no longer in service. I have nothing but memories. He was cremated, which I am okay with, but he is completely gone, physically, from this earth. I know that his spirit is still alive but I can not come to terms of his sudden, tragic death. I miss him so much. I found this website and I have read a few other stories. I felt the need to sit and write this out in hopes of starting my closure. R.I.P. my friend. You will never be forgotten.

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Dec 27, 2010
I also lost my friend
by: Anonymous

I do understand how you feel. I never had a chance to say goodbye, or I love you again. My friend died in a car accident, she was driving. It will be 8 weeks on the 29th. I miss her so much that there are times that it just hurts.

Oct 30, 2010
Rest In Peace
by: Anonymous

I pray that God will bless and keep you and comfort your heart. It takes time and you are only a few days on your journey. He is at peace,
and I hope some day you, too, will find peace
It's never easy. With your faith and hope you'll
find healing comes to some degree. Bless you.

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