My Best Friend

by Tim

I miss my best friend.

Jeannette thought of her friends before she thought of herself and for those of us lucky enough to be her friend, Jeannette was warm hearted, generous, and giving. Jeannette didn’t require much out of life to be happy, a decent place to live, loving friends, and good, wholesome fun was enough for her; she appreciated the little things in life most of us don’t bother to notice. Jeannette was at her best in jeans and a t-shirt, her big head of hair put back into a pony tail and a good day of work behind her.

Jeannette was there for me during my troubled times. She fed me when I didn’t want to eat. She made me laugh when I had nothing to be happy about. She sat with me when I needed a quiet moment. When I could see nothing but dark skies, Jeannette would find me the rainbow.

I was there for Jeannette through her troubled times. When Jeannette could only see a cold, uncaring world around her, I would hold her close and drive that ugly world away. When Jeannette could only feel the negative life had to offer, I would remind her how far she had traveled from there. When Jeannette could no longer deal with the malice and hatred sent her way, I would say or do something to make her blush and she would smile.

We held each other up and tried to make a new world for ourselves. Sometimes it was hard, most of the time it was fun. With each other’s help, we started a new life and I gained a best friend.

Jeannette and I have gone through much together.
My only wish is that I could have helped her as much as she helped me.

Our home is empty; it is now just a house.
My heart is broken, shattered from the loss.

I miss my best friend.

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Nov 16, 2010
Your Jeanette
by: Alana

She was so lucky to have had you in her life. I am so glad you are able to post this and express your love for her. Good job.

Nov 13, 2010
my best friend
by: Jules

Leroy - remember the good times - how happy you made each other - she will always be there beside you when you need her - just talk to her, you will feel her -hear her. It may take a little time for this to happen, but listen to her voice in your head - it will give you comfort.

Nov 13, 2010
by: I can identify

Oh my how this sounds like my love, my best friend. He was so selfless. I miss him so.

Your life was blessed to have had such a love.
However, It seems you will never quit missing her. Just be thankful for having the blessing of having shared that life.

Nov 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

I was touched as I read about you and your friend. I'm sure most of us have felt the same emotions as you at some point in our lives.

You did all you could to help make her life happier, and she is near you to help you now.
May your spirit be lifted up and comfort find you during this painful time.

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