My Best Friend...My Dad...

June 27, 1946 - February 19, 2010

Here are some snippets from my blog about my father which I wrote in 2010, after he passed away...

I always looked at you as my father…my Daddy…someone who I looked up to as my hero and inspiration…and not until a few years ago did I notice how I have been confiding a lot in you, problems, thoughts or even just exchanging stories with…anything and everything under the sun…And then, just really realizing a few weeks back that you have actually been my best friend…someone who understood and accepted me for who I am, was or not, listened carefully to things I shared to you, advised me on what to do or consider doing when I felt lost and unsure about something, or just let me pour my heart out without feeling judged at all…Never did I feel you against me or on anything I did or said, even maybe if you tried to…It’s just you…with that big heart of yours, being the ever gentleman and father who loved me unconditionally…

2 ½ years since he had his quadruple bypass operation, his 1st open heart surgery that fortunately turned out well and which dad was able to recover from…he had been telling everyone about how great the operation went and how proud he was of his doctor and his surgeon. Like then, his reason for wanting and choosing to have this next operation, with the same hospital and doctor, for an Aortic Valve Replacement due to Severe Aortic Stenosis, was because of his desire to live longer…to be with Mommy, us his children and his 3 grandkids…only this time, it was more risky and he was weaker…his heart was weaker…

It was Feb. 18, Thursday when mom, my brother and dad picked me up early in the morning to go to **kati Medical Center to check in. We got there about 9a.m., waited at the lobby, by the admitting, for a room that was available to us after almost 7 hours. Usually by that time and even earlier, Dad would have been irritable and restless…dad always preaches to us about the importance of being on time…yet surprisingly the whole day, he was in an unusually happy, jolly, pleasant mood. Not once did he complain about having to wait so long nor the discomfort of sitting at the waiting area, when we all knew that lately he had been getting tired easily.

But almost a month ago…God had to take you away…Why?…I still don’t know…and I don’t know when I will understand…Why now? Why not lend you to us a few more years…Why not?…It’s hard…and it’s truly painful…a pain that can’t be explained…as there seems to be no words to express how it really feels inside…a feeling that leaves you motionless…breathless…just a blank feeling…like you’re trapped, can’t move, can’t think, can’t speak…that you just want to scream but nothing comes out…

Daddy, I am still questioning, still waiting for the answers, but like I know you would want me, and us all, to move on, I am trying my best to just be…be a wife and a mother, be a daughter and a sister, be the person I know you’d want me to be…from that little girl you used to cradle in your arms to the woman I am now and will still become…for I know how you have loved us, your family, like no other man can…how you have wished for all the best for us…how you wanted us to live life to the fullest…but most especially in loving with all our hearts and being loved the same way back…

Thank you Daddy for loving me unconditionally…Thank you for having been there for me all these years…Thank you for teaching me everything I know now about life…Thank you for taking good care of me…Thank you for all the memories…Thank you for just being you…Thank you for being my daddy…And now, I thank you too for being my best friend…

To the most wonderful, caring and loving man I have known…my inspiration and motivation…my hero…my father…my dearest Daddy…You are with the Lord now…You are home…You have everlasting happiness and peace…I love you so much and you will forever be missed…

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May 21, 2013
Thank you
by: Trix

Thank you Bernadette. I also hope that you have found peace and have moved on, somehow, from the loss of your parents. We truly should appreciate our family and loved ones and just be thankful to God and cherish each day we wake up still being alive and having them around with us.

Nov 04, 2012
how beautiful
by: bernadette

i read what you so beautifully wrote about your dad. i am sorry for your loss. i have no parents and i dont feel i will ever get over them being gone. i do have good memories as you do. how we were blessed. to have good parents is lifes most wonderful gift. i believe we will be with them again.the lord gives and he takes away. but he has promised us eternal life in paradise. may you believe in his promise and find some comfort.

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