My Billy D.O.B. 11 25 87

by Maria Spero
(Plantation Fl)

MY son Billy had so much to offer this world. He was very kind and giving without expecting anything in return. His father and I divorced when he was 4 years old. His dad James and I shared our time with Billy. He was a very happy child. Both parents remarried without having a reaction from Billy. He seem very happy because he moved into a large house with a pool, had a great Dane which was his favored dog. Billy was a straight A student all through elementary to High school. Billy got into a magnet program. He was also a Straight A honor student during his college years at BC in Florida. MY son Billy had many friends. Also different groups of friends. I respected his privacy and didn't snoop into his room. He did not show any signs of being on any serious drugs, I assumed he smoked pot. I also knew he partied a lot. He had bi sexual friends, gay friends. a girl friend for 9 years. I also felt he was into a lot of porn on the internet. During the month of June we worked on a project together, that was creating a pond for the yard. We spent hours laughing and just having a wonderful time. On June 29th 2011 I had to go on a trip to NY. I returned July 4th. Billy picked me up at the airport. He seems normal. He dropped me off and said I am off to the beach. When I got home that evening he was asleep. The morning of the July 5th I heard him leaving about 9am. He call and said he was getting something to eat. Which was not out of the norm. I went to work and around 1:20 pm Billy calls me and asked "mom what time are you coming home?" I said not sure. I asked do you need anything or want me to come home 'he said no'. I returned home that night at 9:50 pm. The house was dark and the alarm was off. Not the norm.. I walked out to the yard and called his name, no answer so I walked out thinking maybe hes with a friend. As I got to the patio table I saw my son on the ground with his feet up in the air. I touch his foot and called his name, I realized his foot was stiff. I started screaming and running for help. I actually wet my pants without realizing it. I waited for 20 min for the police to arrive. I didn't go back to the yard. I was so afraid. I found out an hour later that my son was shot to the heart. I have no answers. I see that the police have there beliefs of what happened. I have many doubts. I am lost inside. I have no one to help me find the truth. Maria

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Aug 09, 2011
so sorry...
by: Anonymous

Maria...what a horribly sad story. He sounds like he was a beautiful son. I lost my son Dimitri a year ago today to leukemia. He was also born in 1987 and had just turned 23 before he died. It doesn't make sense to lose a child right when they have begun to fly. Both of our boys were just entering manhood. What a loss to this world. If you are able to I recommend joining a support group like The Compassionate Friends or a facebook support group like Grieving Mothers. I go there to tell my son's story over and over again. I get so much support from these parents who have also suffered the loss of their child (or children in some cases). Be gentle with yourself. I will send prayers your way.
Shirley in California

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