My blue pitbull killed my 15 year old dachsund last nite

by Kris

Chaos came into our home last Septmber. He was a blue pitbull I rescued. The best dog you could ask for. He was great with our other dogs and cats. He was the best 90 lb lapdog and cuddler. Last nite I was loving on my 15 year old dachsund Casey Jo and when Chaos came near she growled at him (something she's done a 100 times) and Chaos just flipped a switch and grabbed her around the neck and drug her and killed her. He wouldn't stop!! My husband beat on him and I kept hitting him with the butt of a shotgun but he wouldn't let go!! When we got him off my Casey was dead but he came running back thru and savagely grabbed the back of her and drug her thru the house away from us. When we got him off I got a leash around and drug him outside because he was growling at our sheltie, Annie. We contacted the animal control woman we got him from and took him back to same shelter he came from and she was euthanizing him after we left. She told me while she was crying with me he will now do it again. Chaos was our 19 year old sons dog and they loved each other dearly. Casey Jo was my little love who DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE LIKE THAT!! Last nite two animals we loved died! What happened in his head to kill so viciously? He was the best all that time. I need someone who truly knows pits to help me thru this grief. I feel so much loss and guilt it's eating me up!! My husband is handicap and Chaos meant so much to him. He kept him company. I will no longer have my Casey Jo or Chaos meet me at the door for loves. Please help me!!!

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Apr 03, 2015
Thank you Doreen
by: Kris

We have been struggling but we still have our 9year old sheltie to care for and love. She is mourning right along with us. She lost her best friend. I'm so thankful for your kind words. They mean more than you know. God is helping us each day to cope. It's just so hard to look at there special spots they loved in our home and not cry. I pray they are playing together on the Rainbow Bridge.

Mar 29, 2015
My blue pitbull killed my 15 year old dachsund last night
by: Doreen UK

I am so sorry for your loss of your dachsund. What a sad story of loss and for the grief you bear having lost both dogs and not realizing that this would happen.
We hear all too often of a dog getting out of control and mauling another dog or child to death and ending up having to lose its own life. Who knows if ever what happens at that time to cause a dog to become so vicious and savage to take another life. It is much like the instincts of the animals in the wild who kill for food and I all too often cannot watch animal programmes where this happens. It is in the nature of the beast to hunt and kill.
Something flips inside a dog and they can get out of control which is why it becomes a very difficult task to care for a pet never knowing when one day it will become vicious and kill.
I am so sorry for your pain, grief, and loss, and for the way your dachsund died. Looking for answers can be hard as you try to find them in order to help you resolve your grief.
What is important is that you NURTURE yourself each day to become stronger to cope with your loss. It is ONE DAY AT A TIME that is going to help you to cope with life and your loss and find Healing. May God comfort you in your loss and sorrow.

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