My Boy Andy

by Richard Lawson
(Denver, colorado)

My Andy was a 13 year 10 month old australian shepard. he was my traveling companion, my hiking buddy, my everything Dog, he loved playing in the snow, going for long walks in the park, where sometimes i'd let him off his leash but he run ahead then stop and look back to make sure i was coming. he was my sit in the back of the car with me and admire my handi work after a day of yard work dog. how can it be that he's not here anymore.

on sunday morning the 15th of december he woke us up having a seizure. i prayed to God to not take him like that as we rushed him to the 24 hour emergency vets. they were able to calm him a bit and stop the seizure and they would begin running tests. we were called about 5:30 that morning with the news that his bloodwork was fine and could've been that of a two year old dog. they told us that they would begin chest and abdomin x-rays as soon as the rest of the staff arrived. we went back in to check with the vet around noon and listened in dis-belief as she told me that they had found two to three spots of cancer in his chest and said that they thought it had matasticed and spread to his brain and that's what was causing the seizures. i don't think i heard a great deal more of what they were telling me after that as i reeled in shock and disbelief, sure he was getting old but he had to have another year of two to get old and/or lame and then we could've dealt with this then. i was told that there really wasn't much else to do, they could keep him sedated and on anti-seizure medications but it wasn't a good idea to leave him alone. i knew what i had to do as his human but there has never been anything harder. i got to hold him, tell him that i'll miss all of our walks, tell him thanks for being my buddy for the past almost 14 years, that i loved him like no other and held him as he passed over rainbow bridge. and all of this happened with 10 or 12 hours. that wasn't enough time to tell him how he enriched my life, how much i charised and loved his companionship. I feel so guilty for not trying to be more aware of his health was failing. i pray that he's happy and healthy and that i'll see him again some day

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Jan 14, 2014
God spelled backwards is dog
by: Becky

Andy is very a handsome boy. I loss my Bailey 2 years & 5 months ago, and I still miss him. I think about him every day. He died 6 weeks before his sweet 16th birthday. I know how your heart hurts, how you look & listen for your Andy. The pain will get easier in time, but the love you feel for Andy will always be there. I still grieve for Bailey, but with less tears & pain. Andy will always be with you because he is forever in your heart. I firmly believe that our fur babies go to heaven when they die. I believe that I will see my Bailey again some day. There will be brighter days for I am not here to stay. I will keep you in my prayers.

Jan 11, 2014
My Boy Andy
by: Doreen UK

Richard I am sorry for your loss of your beloved dog Andy. I am sure Andy new you cherished him and loved him deeply without ever saying so. Often it is how we treat our animals that will let them know how they are appreciated, loved, and made a difference in one's life.
Unfortunately it isn't always easy to pick up on when someone is ill. We have symptoms come up every day in our bodies and only we know when it is time to do something about this.
My husband never went to the doctor in 40yrs. and then he gets two of the worst diseases within 5yrs. The first was ENCEPHALITIS. A miracle he came out of this with Prayer, which makes it a MIRACLE. I prayed for a miracle again when he developed cancer and died 20 months ago. He had a type of cancer that take 40yrs. to develop into a tumour. He had it all his working life. due to working with asbestos. So you see it isn't easy to know the unknown. WE just take one day at a time and live our life not worrying about what may come upon us till it does so and then deal with it. Otherwise worrying would rob us of the joy of living. In time you will go on to develop a love for another dog and carry on the cycle of giving and receiving Love and companionship. One must never deny ourselves of this pleasure. Best wishes.

Jan 10, 2014
Beautiful Andy
by: Diane

Believe me, you may have wanted to tell your dear Andy all those things, but he already knew. He knew he was loved and cherished,and even though it broke your heart to do so, being with him at the end meant the world to him. It hurts so bad in the beginning because we loved them so much, but time will help soften the agony until we can think of them with smiles instead of tears. Remember, he would never want you to be so sad, he would want you to rejoice in the love you shared, not to dwell on his passing.It's perfectly natural to have feelings of guilt and all the what ifs, but in the end it will not change the outcome. Bless you for caring so much, I'll pray for you both, you to have the strength to go on without your beloved Andy, and for him to rest in peace and to wait for you at the Rainbow Bridge. Peace for both of you!

Jan 10, 2014
sending a prayer for your healing
by: Lisa

I feel your pain. I just lost my 16 year old cat Monday and it was the hardest day of my life. There is no other relationship that compares to the constant unconditional love. I think it hurts more because we didn't realize what was happening. Cats are masters at hiding illness.
I know we must ride out the grief, there is no escaping it. The mornings are the worst for me. I find it helps me to listen to KLOVE and know that God is always with me. That ultimately it was a blessing to have him in my life. I also have learned a hard lesson-to be more vigilant over the senior cat companion I still have, most of all to not take the present for granted, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Sending you a prayer to feel the healing embrace of The Comforter.

Jan 10, 2014
I feel so very sorry for the pain that you are feeling
by: Carole

Andy, I have read a lot of the comments about people's relatives who have passed away, and felt great sadness for those left behind, but your account of Andy left me a blubbering wreck. My ex-husband and I went through something similar 2 years ago with our labrador, who spent 3 weeks at the vet, trying to recover from a serious stomach problem - thankfully, he pulled through, but I remember sitting in a cafe waiting so anxiously for my ex to phone me with the results of the latest op - I can't remember ever being so scared about a phone call. Ben is still thriving, thank God, and we had another scare when his oesophagus closed up (but we would never had known except that the 'whine' he gave when he saw his home after a journey changed subtly) and now I have 3 cats who I worry about as much. Don't beat yourself up about not noticing Andy's deterioration in health - you couldn't see inside his body, and you sound like you were a marvellous pal to him. He obviously had a wonderful life with you - what a lucky dog he was - and you were there at the end for him. No dog (or human) could ask for more. Grieve for him as much as you would for any great friend. I think that the grieving for animals can be worse as the animals have usually been completely dependent on their owners for everything, therefore the owner feels more guilty and takes on more responsibility. When the time is right, you may want to find another pal; not to replace Andy, but to give a piece of your loving heart to another dog who needs you. Bless you.

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