my brother 40 years old, glioblastoma. deid november 27 2011

in november 2009 at 38 years old my brother was diagnosed with glioblastoma stage 4 . brain cancer,death. he under went 3 surgeries due to removal of tumour and from fluid on the brain. in july 2011 he got ill and put in hospital for a cold and never came out. the seizures became very strong and hard in early november. i didn't know till then that seizures have a inner affect even without notice. he struggled for 12 hours gasping for his last breath until he was left alone and the nurse turned him to his back when he took his last breath and pasted peacefully. Love you Gary always :)

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Sep 21, 2013
where are your loved ones when you need themhrough this storm glioblastoma
by: Anonymous

My husband has had a biopsy done in June he was we were shocked to learn that he had glioblastoma brain cancer grade 4 he had surgery now receiving treatments chemo and radiation everyday for six weeks. I have to drive him to the hospital everyday he uses a walker loss left eye vision left side weakness, from the surgery. My friends that I thought we had I don't hear from them, thank God for my daughter,son, and son-in-law-i get lonely at times because I don't hear from my friends that I thought we once had.but I know that I can talk to God but it hurts when you thought you had a friend that you can talk to.thank you for reading this.

Oct 17, 2012
my brother 40yrs old, glioblastoma. died November 27, 2011.
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss of your brother Gary at such a young age.
I lost my husband to lung cancer 5 months ago and He was very worried about not being able to breathe. That was his main concern. He would cough up large amounts of blood, due to working with a deadly chemical. He then developed pneumonia, blood clots, shingles in the eye, daily injections for the blood clots then loads of medication that caused side effects. he could not eat and wasted away over 3yrs. a slow death. Cancer is such a CRUEL disease. the whole family suffer. Very few people find their way back from cancer. I hope you have good family support and that you find Peace and comfort in your grief.

Oct 17, 2012
The pain we share
by: Betty

I am sorry for your loss I to lost my son he was 47 on august 3,2012 he had a massive heart attack and were told his only option was artificial heart later.Our whole family spent the worst two months of being at the hospital and see Danny go through all the things he suffered and I suffered with him every organ he had failed I hoped when the VAD was put in maybe we thought and prayed he could be with us alittle longer. The risks were great it was like open heart surgery and they didn't close his chest so if bleeding and infection set in they wouldn't have to go back in Danny never had his chest closed he died that way with all the risks named he passed away on September 27,2012 my son now in peace with God.The pain is unbearable I feel like I can't think I will never see him again it hurts so much how do I go day after day in such torment I never knew he had heart problems I should have know he never married and lived with us. I hope all of us that have this kind of pain will someday it will ease alittle our loss will always be so we pray for each other and wait until we are together again in heaven. Betty

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