my brother is gone, but in my heart he will stay.

by lupe

My brother was in a tragic car accident that took his life. On his way to work. I still remember receiving the call that he had been air lifted to the hospital. I don't even know how I made it to the hospital I was driving so slow to the hospital, I was wanting someone to call me and say no it not him or its not as bad, but rather getting calls saying I had to hurry they needed immediate family their asap. My mom was their already I remember saying how I'm I suppose to look into my mother's eyes or be any kind of support. We got to hospital he was already in critical conditions.. He was not responding at all. We prayed, plead cried I got on my knees and ask the Lord for him my mother said lord I will give you my life for my son his young (30) with two kids. His wife and my mother never left his side. I felt cowardly because I couldn't last long periods of times in his room because it wouldn't take me long enough to start sobbing. I would go in kneel down by his bad and hold his hand while my mom standing next to him telling him son we are going to come out of this your strong brave you can do it. I would walk out of the room in full tears. On the 3rd day we had hope we started seeing signs I'm not sure if it was just us seeing things that we wanted to see a lot of family started coming to visit him his friends from high school we filled the waiting room finally his wife agreed in bring his kids 2year old and his 8year old, hoping if he heard their voice he would react. That night we went home with hope. The next morning I called my mom to see the progress she had said he had gotten worse overnight by 11 they pronounced him dead.. we think was he waiting to say his farewell to the people that made it out to the hospital... family friends rushed to the hospital. While standing there watching his heart take the last beats.. how is this possible I remember going home guilty why do I get to come home to my everyday life and his just stopped by the blink of a eye. The hurt disbelief and pain are their.. He was a awesome person he was respectful a great son on his days off he would go pick up my mom take her shopping take her to eat if he was getting a hair cut she would go with. Take her to garage sales always had ideas he was a dreamer he will always bring her something no gift was big enough for her. The day before the accident he came all the way to my house. Which was rare because we all meet at my mom's house since it's in the middle , but since my mom was over my house. He drove all the way to mine.. I still look outside and replay that day.. Did he come to say good bye? My mom said that day he said good bye 3times and went the 3times for a hug and kiss.. why my brother? I can't understand. I still feel his going to walk in.. it's been 2weeks and I can't accept the fact he is no longer with us..

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Aug 22, 2014
my brother is gone, but in my heart he will stay.
by: lupe

I'm sorry for your loss as I see my mother in pain and hurt I can just imagine yours may god give you the strength the power to keep moving forward even if it takes you little steps at a time. The feeling of being drop to the ground is beyond unreal little by little we will stand back up and forever have the memories the love to keep their memory alive. Thank you so much for you reaching out to me god bless you and your kids.. we have to be strong and if you ever need to talk I'm here as well thank you!

Aug 20, 2014
I no your pain
by: Christina

I am so sorry for your loss today is 5 weeks that I lost my son he left behind 2 younger sisters and a younger brother. There is no answers to the questions we have. My son passed away July 16 2014 an exact month till his 20th birthday august 16th was a very hard day for I tried to celebrate his birthday but I couldn't my life is so incomplete I struggle to get threw every day I miss him more and more every day if I can help in any way please contact me

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