My brother left me !

by suzanna hernandez
(salinas ca 93905 usa)

Here goes! My older brother left me to be with my father Ramiro and his grandson Xander to heaven!! I saw him go through so much turmoil and a pain that wouldn't go away. He was going through a difficult divorce which was causing much stress. He wanted the divorce to be final and when it was going to be he died. I watched as he traveled to Hawaii for postmaster. He was going to be there for two years and retire! His wife coming from a very wealthy family. 32 years they tried and it would always be him being thrown our of his million dollar house and had to go to his rentals or my mothers house when he would not sign papers to turn his retirement to his wife! She had much to lose if my brother went through the divorce. He only wanted what was legally his. He pursued his divorce Tull the day he died. My brother trying to recover from a hernia and twisted intestine while on the operating table his grandson of 2 months died! He was devastated hurt .He left the hospital right after surgery to be with his family in case. But as I saw him in so much pain I tried to nurse him back to health but his wife would not allow it. Constantly his wife bickered at him not to divorce her .All he wanted was peace. I was getting suspicious about her . he was getting sicker and sicker . for four weeks I saw my brother getting weaker and weaker. She wanted him back but in weekends he had to leave because her boyfriend was going to stay over.I felt maybe she is giving him something to to make him weak. I warned him"brother I love you and if anything happens to you I'm going after her. I text him this day night to tell him if things got bad he can stay with me " he said " OK and I love you in my heart I had a feeling that this would be his last text to me. I went to my mothers and received a call my brother was dead. It was the worst day of my life. Pure torture that this woman didn't wasn't to put my brother to rest quickly .she had us wait for one whole week before we could see him by then he was becoming mushy and did not look like my brother at all. She knew that me and my brother were very close and how I hated her with a a passion she even left me out of his obituary .the pain I endured was indescribable. My brother left me and went to heaven with my father and his grandson Xander.

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Sep 11, 2014
My brother left me!
by: Doreen UK

Suzanna I am so sorry for your loss of your brother to what seemed like a complicated life. It is never easy when a wife is complicating the whole area of loss. Family relationships are very complicated at the best of times, and sometimes hard to overcome or work out. I never could understand the complications till I have had to face this now.
I lost my husband of 44yrs. to the worst cancer ever, 2yrs. ago. He knew his family would give me a hard time. They did. Everything from stalking my daughter and fighting with her at work to accusative behaviour because they could not get my husband's body so they could control the burial within 2 days. My husband died of an Industrial disease and his body had to lay in the mortuary for an inquest. Only the coroner could release his body. I was accused of purposely not allowing his burial to go through quickly. I loved and respected my husband so respected his family also. My husband wanted a cremation. His family don't believe in this as they see as a curse. I co-operated with them and gave my husband a good burial according to their tradition. I knew my husband well and he would have been happy that I respected his families wishes and not cremate him. But still his family railed against me. Removing our flowers from the grave. Damaging items. I had to get law enforcement support. A difficult time I am glad is behind me but still leaves scars.
Families do behave badly when you lease expect this. I hope you can find a way forward to heal from your loss of your brother and how his wife complicated things and made them worse.

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