My Brother, My Friend, My Strength supposedly committed Suicide Jan 31, 2011

by Rebecca Morales
(Pomona, California)

My brother committed suicide is what I've been told, but I'll never really know what happened. He lived in Texas and I in California and the rest of my family in Arizona, so we were all spread apart. My brother is a teacher and was teacher of the year for 3 years in row and served in the Navy for many years. He also received his Masters Degree. He is the funniest loving person that I'll ever know. We called each other at least every day. He was gay, in a 17 yr relationship, his partner threw him out of the house just because he became a depressive alcoholic. His partner didn't offer to stand by his side through this difficult time, so he lived with me and I did what I could from re-habs to detox centers. He became sober then moved back to Texas as he got a job as a teacher again, but then he shortly got Parkinsons Disease and couldn't work anymore because the level was so high and drastic that he could drive nor eat by himself any longer. His new found partner took care of him for these last 3 years of his life. They fought a lot, his partner was a severe bi-polar that he drove my brother nuts. My brothers depression settled in very dark and kept him sad for the last 3 years. For whatever reason, I was told that he was found on the couch with a bag over his head, and the officer said it was suicide.. I don't buy it, but that's what was declared. Because he had 3 other suicide attempts, but always called 911 before he succeeded. maybe he did. I will never know. My life will never be the same. The fact that I can't call him nor see him again, haunts and scares me to no end. I dream of him a lot. I just want my brother back. Please help us. I hope my brother is resting in peace with God. My brother was a peacemaker, he didn't like fighting or bickering, so I know that he is with God.

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Mar 26, 2011 brother
by: Anonymous

my brother also commited suicide.. im only 12 and grieving from pain... i dont know how i will live past this.. but somehow.. we all will

Mar 06, 2011
You are not alone
by: Anonymous

My son committed suicide last week. My daughter is suffering...missing her brother so much. We are all in anguish. He was bi-polar...and was tormented for years even though he looked "normal" to the rest of the world. We try to find solace that his mind is now quiet. My thoughts are with you...suicide is so very, very difficult to reconcile. But we will all get through our grief and anguish.

Mar 04, 2011
your strength
by: Judith

I'm sorry for your loss and wish I could tell you all you need to know about this grieving process. We, at first, try to find blame because it's hard to accept they are gone for a good reason.
My husband had parkinson's and they need counseling all throughout their illness because the medicine's alone can cause dementia and depression. My husband went from "please kill me" to "you're trying to kill me" to "I'm dying" several times a week. He sadly died from Pneumonia 9-14-10. Most people with parkinson's die from this because their system is too weak to cough up stuff that stays in their lungs. They don't have the strength to fight. I even thought the Doctor killed him with the antibiotic for the pneumonia.
It's a shame his partners left him alone nor showed caring for him. Thank God you do and did.

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