My Brother Paul Anthony - Gone too Soon...........

by Amy

On Friday, March 12, 2010, the family decided to take my brother off life support and we let him go home to heaven.

Two days before is when I received a phone call in the morning from my mother saying she could not wake my brother up and he was not breathing. Mom said she called 911. I remember not believing what I was hearing and started to cry. My mom said when she found him, it sounded like he was snoring, but now she says it did not sound like his normal loud snoring (he had sleep apnea). It sounded like a steady sound kind of like a snore, but was much quieter. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and they were able to get a pulse, but they lost his pulse 4 times on the way to the hospital.

My brother was in the hospital for 2 days and the doctors ran tests and could not find out what happened. When they did a brain scan, it showed there was not much brain activity and his brain did not look like a normal brain. The doctors told us he was brain dead and if he did wake up, he would be a vegetable.

The Sunday before, he was taken to the emergency room because he had a high fever, a cough, and the chills. The doctor at the ER said he had pre-pneumonia and they gave him codeine medicine and other antibiotics. I last saw my brother alive on Tuesday March 9. All we know is that he went to sleep and did not wake up. No autopsy was done.

We knew death was real, but there is no way to actually know what it is until you go through this and experience it. What I cannot get past is knowing that I will never see him again, never hug him or talk to him. I know I will see him in heaven one day, but he will never be playing softball with us or be at the family gatherings anymore. Just watching my parents going through this pain - the loss of a child is not fair to any parent.

If I had one wish, it would be to wish this was just a bad nightmare and I want someone to wake us all up. But going to the cemetery to visit him makes it real and makes us all so sad. There are so many emotions we are feeling. We miss you Anthony!!!!!! Good bye for now, but not forever.

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May 31, 2010
My brother Paul Anthony - Gone too Soon.........
by: Amy

I hope this gets back to you. Thank you for posting a comment. I am sorry for your loss. As time passes, it gets a little easier, but it is hard to forget that day. The worst is watching my parents go through this, especially my mom. My mom keeps asking if we should have kept him on life support a little longer and maybe we would have got a miracle by him waking up. Mother's day for her this year was really hard - for all of us. We get together for all the holidays. This is the first time we as a family ever experienced a death. He did not have a family yet, but then found out he will be a dad this November. God bless you and take care.

May 31, 2010
I know what you are going through
by: Angie

I, like you, lost a sibling. My sister passed away last Wednesday. She had interstitial lung disease and was in ICU. We decided to discontinue life support. She only lasted a few minutes.

She was only 45 and was married with a son who just graduated (she was in ICU and couldn't attend) and a daughter who is 14. She was my only sister and I am still in shock that she is no longer with us. I am comforted that she is in Heaven and able to breathe. I so wish I could have donated a lung to her.

This has been so hard on my parents. Seeing them in so much pain is almost unbearable. I know it will get better with time. Stay strong, you can handle this and I know I can too.

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