My brother was murdered

He was from Illinois but he moved to Colorado with his wife and two sons. He was 34 years old when someone hit him with a blunt object and put him in the trunk of his own car and then drove out in a field just north of Kersey and dumped his body there and left him. They drove his car back to a park n ride and left it there. This all happened in December around the 18th, of 2003.

We don't know who did it. And I miss him more than there are words to tell it. He loved music and played piano, guitar, and drums. He was a great singer too. He was full of energy and one of those guys who could always get action started and liked to have fun. He was comical, witty, and I loved having him around.

His boys are growing up without a father. It's not right that someone can take a life and just throw it in a field as if it's just trash. Only God can create life. We have no right to take a life. I want these people caught and put away so that they cannot kill again. Nothing will bring back my brother, but I wonder how many others were or will be killed by these people.

Now his case is considered a cold case. How it hurts me to know that no one is searching any more for his killers. I hate the words 'cold case'.

I will never have true peace until I understand it all.

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Nov 20, 2014
I'm with you ....
by: Anonymous

My brother was murdered too. He is 24 not married. I donno what to do, when ever I remember him the one question that I have that cannot be answered by anyone is ....Will I ever be able to talk to him ??
I Love him....and there is no day that I took my breath without remembering him. I badly need him back..but donno how I can fill this gap in my life. I'm not what I was anymore.

Jan 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

My phone rang November 14th 2005, my life crashed in an instant! My brother was dead! I couldn't even understand it! Felt confused and alone in an instant! Lost my mind completely, I wanted to join him~there was nothing more left to live for~Nothing mattered anymore and not a thing made sense, this went on for a long time~even to this day I still have many days I don't want to face the world! Everyone we knew has crashed and burned , never to come out of it! His little boy has now realized what death really is recently and is having such a hard time, feeling guilty because of this loser that took his daddy! My brother was working, driving a taxi and had a friend riding with him. A call took place to the friend from some others that had a run in with others from another town and my brother was dropping him off when 30 people were walking down the street to the entrance of the projects where they all brother as standing on the sidelines when a fight broke out and things went crazy, someone yelled he has a knife...I guess my brother saw the one with the knife and attempted to hit him to prevent him from harming another. When he hit him though the killer stabbed him in his heart and my brother fell backwards holding his chest~when he removed his hands witnesses described blood gushing every time he took a breath! They were seconds away from the entrance to the hospital~instead of any of them getting him to the er for help they all fled! A passer by saw him collapse at the entrance to the hospital where he had collapsed and pulled him into the car and drove him right to the er where the doctors attempted to help him~it was to late! He was dead! All of his close friends and family were standing around his grave a week later when the police actually caught the person who killed him! We were with him~blessed! Some days I don't even know how I survive! Everything reminds me of him and people just do not get it!!! I do not ever think I will get over this! While going through this trial I learned my other brother has ALS and is slowly dying before my eyes~he can not even talk anymore and is fading away slowly and painfully! I am lost and wondering why I am left here! Why do I deserve to live while they can not!!! I try to find some good in life yet I have found nothing!

Oct 14, 2012
my brother was murdered
by: alone

wow!!!! cant belive tht insted of setting her at my table with my brother talking,and just being us i cant on 09/20/12 after 12 days of prurr hell we wer told tht somebody murdered him and put him in a bailer in the river.. like a pices of trash.left behind parents,two sisters,one brother,5 kids ;[ and .i just dont understand this hurts so bad he more then just my brother my best friend

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