my brother

by ayodele lambert

my brother was murdered on march 5 2012..he was stabbed 3 times and left on the side of the road....they still haven't found out who did it...i'm trying to cope but it just seems to get worse..i'm so angry by it all

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Mar 26, 2012
by: rayolife

I lost my 28 yr old son to a highway accident with an un-licesed commercial truck driver with a DUI record, total of 15 charges on his drivung record. My son had served in the military in Iraq in 2004, then in Afghanistan for 15 months. He had joined the Reserves for another 4 years. While he was on leave he was going to meet his fiancee for lunch, then they were leaving for a weeks vacation, but the truck driver made an illegal left hand turn and hit my son head on! When death is so sudden ad unexpedted it triples the complications of grief recovery. After 4 years, I stll cry fervently. I was intotal sock for 6 months and could not work.
i read books, journal, give contributions to charites the he loved, establised a scholarsip in his memory, and clean up a section of highway in his memory.Find people who have been through a sudden loss, they will listen. The world keeps turning, and we still morn, all you friends just want you to get over it. You never will!

Mar 26, 2012
I am so sorry
by: Anonymous

Please know that you are loved. How much you must be hurting with pain and rage. I am so, so sorry.

Mar 26, 2012
I'm so sorry!
by: Kim Mays (Nick Taylor's mom)

My name is Kim. My son, Nick was also murdered. It's the most difficult thing in the world when you lose someone you love so much. Especially, when they are taken in such a brutal way. My heart goes out to and your family. Healing seems to be harder when you have no closure. We know who killed my son, but the man got away with it. It seems there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute him. All that I can tell you is that I had to put it in God's hands completely. He's the only One that can give justice to your brother and your family. Whoever did this to your brother will someday be brought before God to deal with his secret. I know that you're hurting. This pain is going to be there for a very long time. I don't know if we ever get completely past the pain, but I know that it does get easier with time. You are still in the very early stages and don't allow anyone to try and tell you when you should move on. This pain is yours and no one else's. The only thing I can say to you that is certain to help you cope, is God's help. If you seek answers through Him, He will provide those you need. I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't gone to God. I pray that you will find the answers you need. Your entire life has now changed forever, and the life you once knew can't return. In time you will begin to live again, but for now, allow yourself to grieve. Your brother is not dead! He's very much alive today, in the presence of Jesus. I'm so sorry for your loss. I truly feel hurt all over again when I hear that a young person's life is taken. I wish I could offer you more words of comfort, but the truth one can tell you how to feel or how you're going to feel. It's something only you and God can do together. My prayers are with you. Kim Mays

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