my cat lillie ann biscut smith

by amandia smith
(long beach, ca )

my lillie

my lillie

The day i got my cat my family and i went to a pet shop so that my sister savanna could buy my other sister kristie a cat. we got there and happy that my younger sister was ready to get a cat after losing her cat to a life long battle of cancer 6 months before. i remember walking into the store and started looking around that's when i saw my cat. she was in a glass case and she looked so pretty. i thought to myself wow shes a grown cat in a kitten cage. i walked over to her and started to pet her through a slit in the glass she was going to town rubbing and purring on the glass. one of the store clerks came up to me and told me, "shes a sweet cat." i asked the clerk about her story.

the clerk began this story of just disgust. you know the stories the ones that you see on animal planet or commercials on tv. my cat was abused. the owner before me beat her really bad and starved her. my cat had her nose broken and was knocking on deaths door. the clerk asked me if i wanted to hold her and i said yes. the clerk opened the cage and my lillie jumped out of that cage and into my arms. they say that animals choose their owners. well my cat choose me.

i asked how much for her and the clerk said free. i was shocked i called for my mom and asked her if i could have her. at first my mom said no because of my dad, i told her that i wanted her and swore up and down to take care of her and love her practically begging on my knees. my mom finally gave in and me and lillie could be together.

me and my mom didn't quite tell my dad about lillie until we got home. trying to sneak a cat into the house is hard. especially seems how she was a grown cat. my cat has been with me ever since.

then on aug. 15, 2010 our life changed forever. the day before i went to my nieces birthday party and had fun. my niece got a box full of clothes, watching my sisters cat climb in and sleep in the lid of the box i thought to myself, i should bring home the bottom of the box for lillie. me and lillies daddy left and i came home throwing the box on the floor i fed her dinner and gave her fresh water. we did what we normally do and just relax. she laid with me all day and with her needy self wanted love love love. she got up and walked over to her box got into it and sat there looking at me. she dragged one of her music balls into the box and played with it. she was normal. we were normal and all fine all day long.

then the night came and everything started to change. my cat for like the past couple of night slept on the floor, she NEVER sleeps on the floor. so i brought home the box so that she didnt have to sleep on the floor. me and my fiance (lillies dad danny) had finish our night with a smoke and just finished locking up the apartment when i noticed lillie laying in her box. i asked danny to pick lillie up out of the box then grab her box and bring it to the place lillie has been sleeping for the last couple of nights. he did so and we all went to bed. danny fell asleep right away but me of course i couldnt sleep so neither could lillie.

lillie kept climbing up in the window and making me mad because we cant have animals in our apartment and i didnt want someone to see her so i kept taking her down. we did this about 4 times before she gave up and went to lay in her box at 1.30 am on aug. 16, 2010. 15 mins later me just fallen asleep and i hear lillie scratching on her box. but something was different something was wrong with her sound. it sounded like she was fighting. i sat up in bed and screamed for danny to wake up and get lillie. he jumped up and turned on the bathroom light. it was lillie fighting, lillie was fighting her own body. she had a seizure, not just a ok shes shaking seizure, a shes slamming hers head flopping on the ground looking like shes a fish out of water seizure.

it lasted what felt like forever but was only about a 30 to 45 seconds long then her body relaxed. i thought at that moment oh god my cats dead. my husband looked at me and said manda i think... i screamed and back up to the wall on the bed, trying my hardest to get away. danny said shes alive but i think shes paralized we need to get her to a hospital.

i ran to my phone and called my dad freaking out he told me to get dressed and take her to a hospital i cant help her on the phone. then i heard her meowing she got up and was walking around confused. i threw on my bra and raced out the door with my baby. i was not going to lose her i thought to myself, after driving around for like a hour we found a hospital and they took her in and ran tests. after waiting in the waiting room for like 4 hours the doctor told us yes she had a seizure but unless this happens again that her seizure was a isolated event that if she has a seizure within month in a half we shouldnt worry that he would have to say she looked like a healthy cat.

we came home at 6 in the morning and tried to sleep. i cried alot of the day scared. the waiting part was killing me. well the waiting was over at 9.45 pm lillie had her second seizure and i know this was not a good thing. less the 24 hours means something real bad. we raced to the hospital again and waited only a hour when the doctor said we need to run test. test that would cost me over 1000 dollars. im unemployed and my husband didnt have the money. we had no other choice. on aug. 16, 2010 1.30 am i had to put my lillie to sleep.

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