My cat Miku

by Katryna
(San Antonio )

miku an Clifford

miku an Clifford

I got my little orange kitty named Miku back in 2009 , He was a happy fat cat . Reminded me of Garfield. My mom recommended him going outside to use the restroom and to catch birds. I wasnt happy because I wanted him to be a house cat but shes the boss. He was the cutest he loved playing in Plastic Bags , when i would come home from school he would wait outside for me .. he would sit on the windowsill when it rained and when i would play xbox he would be there. He loved playing with those little laser things on the wall anywho..
My dad told me a week later or so he wanted to get my mom a Siamese cat. He got the Siamese cat named Oliver from my dads friend (they didnt want him anymore) Long story short , on August 27, 2011 that night he wanted to come inside and i told him goodnight and i couldnt let him inside because i had to get ready for bed. Around 4 in the morning i heard dogs barking but i thought it was just the neighborhood dogs. But no. I was wrong. My mom had got up and i felt something was wrong , i got up n she said "They got Miku!" We went running outside looking for him he wasnt found , i got worried and continued looking everywhere. My parents said it was time to go n will look more in the morning . They woke me up at 8 and said they found him at my neighbors porch , my mom was studying for nursing and said she was NOT going to take him to the vet . I was very angry with her . (He had many puncture wounds) that day my parents went out looking for medicne i was laying in bed thinking when he came crawling on his to front legs , towards me , i just wish i could have pick ed him up to help him , seeing him in pain was enough! That night i was watching tv and my mom called me over there explaining that he might not make it , he started breathing harder , And Baam , he Died , right in front of me . If i would have just opened the door , this would. Have never happened , i have so much guilt :( Miku you will never be forgotten <3

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