My cat was murdered

by Jan
(London. England.)

It was on September 17th 2010. A date I will always recall. My cat had failed to come in for the night. I was out in the garden looking for her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her lifeless body. There was no head. Shocked to the core.
My neighbour had been banging on about how she had 'left her claw in his dog.' Nonsense. My Jamo was a fearless cat and full of zest for life. I had her and her sister Honey for almost seventeen years. Both of them in the very best of health.
Two years later I was shocked to find the collar she had been wearing . It was on the opposite side of the garden to where I found her. Her sister Honey gave up the will to live shortly after so now they are buried side by side. Heartbroken. I cared for them both and loved them so much. I got no justice whatsoever. I despise the way they died. Makes me sad to this day.

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Mar 15, 2017
Kind words appreciated
by: Jan

So good to know that people care. When my cat was deliberately killed my landlord had little concern or empathy. How I wish I had reported it to the police and RSPCA.
I was that shocked and horrified It could do very little but cry!

Mar 11, 2017
my cat was choked to death
by: Elena K B

I've just found this page after searching "my cat was murdered". I'm temporarily living in my native country in Latin America and can't wait to go back to Canada where I'm a citizen. Animal cruelty is everywhere but in Argentina I can see it far too often, until it hit me personally in the worst possible way. I had 2 cats, a Mom and her 1 1/2 year-old daughter who since the kitten's birth, were inseparable and always slept together inside on a couch. They were garden/outdoor cats since the Mom was a stray, but a very gentle stray who became domesticated as I cared for her and her kittens. 2 nights ago, Mom Cat didn't come in and I day, a neighbour found her choked to death on a sidewalk. I'm devastated, even more than when some human dies. The daughter looks everywhere for the mom. I also have a small dog and I feel at least the dog will provide some continuity, since the three animals got along well all the time, even played together. But this is so horrendous - I'm really sick and here there's no such thing as pet grief support. I rely on internet for most things. I'm living in a rather remote part of Argentina where there's a lot of animal cruelty, stray dogs and cats and for me it's hard to see all that after having lived in Canada for 30 years - in Canada you don't see strays. I buried the abused small Mama Cat body in the backyard since the only other "option" would be to take her to the "municipal dump". She'll have a proper grave, but the mood here is somber. I don't feel like doing anything, and my usual depression has soared since this horrific event. I can't forget the image of my beloved beautiful cat's body in such state - just hope she lost consciousness fast. There are some amazingly cruel beings around here. I'm praying for her and doing little ceremonies to honour her life. The gut wrenching grief I feel is an unknown sensation for me - I hold on because of the other animals, who luckily when I go back to Canada will be cared for by my sister who has a closed backyard and likes pets. Apologies for the convoluted writing - English is not my first language. Mama Cat, thanks for your gift to me, for sharing your life with me all this time. I'm so sad I wasn't able to save you from cruel, sadistic subjects from the neighbourhood. Rest in Peace beautiful Mama Cat.

Jul 24, 2014
My cat was murdered
by: Doreen UK

Jan I am so sorry for your loss of your cat. I was horrified and sick to the core to read how your cat died. This has got to be a very EVIL act to dismember any animal. Please see a counsellor to help you get over your pain of how your beloved cat died. The type of death affects the grief, and you may never get over this unless you get professional help. I also live in the London England area and just 2yrs. ago I was most horrified and cried my heart out when the news came on to report 6 swans that were beheaded. Almost where I live. I know the area. I still feel so sick and I cry when I see a swan because of this evil act and how they suffered. I would want Justice. My anger spills over and I think if caught that these people who do this evil should have their hands removed so they can never ever hurt another animal/pet ever again. They need to be in a position where they cannot hurt anyone again. I always felt I was a merciful person. But not when such crimes like this are committed. I would want the perpetrators to suffer and feel what they did. Such brutal murders always upset me. Lee Rigby The soldier who died in a London Street having been beheaded, and how his family are now feeling the pain still. It is such a barbaric evil mind that can do such a thing. It will take a long time for you to recover from this type of loss. I am also sorry for your loss of Honey and having lost 2 cats. Don't be put off giving your love to another cat. They need a caring loving person like you to give them a home.

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