My Chad

by Phyllis Pickett
(Garden City Ks.)

My youngest son passed away from alcohol & drug abuse, he was warned a yr before we lost him he had to stop or die, after two surgeries to stop him bleeding to death he still continued to do both, he started bleeding for the 3rd time & passed in surgery just as the Drs had warned him, he was good at heart but loved to party, was a good little boy & no problem with the drugs til he married & her family did both, so of course he started. She got PG didn't want the baby so my husband & I adopted her she has been a joy, her her Mom ran off & her Dad were close but she felt his neglect for her & it hurt her. She told me he cared more about his bad habits & friends than he did her, some times it did seem that way, but we were all close, he was always at the house, but always drinking or drunk, I loved him so, this is almost unbearable for me....why, He was just turned 39. All tell me to move on but it hurts so bad, I don't enjoy doing anything, I think of Chaddy being dead not getting to enjoy anything with me ever again, He told me 3 days before he passed he talked to jesus everyday & he knew his Grandma had a place saved for him in heaven, I rocked him in my arms & kissed him til the took him away, I just can't take this loss of my son I take meds they help some but how do I get better I would appreciate help from anyone, God Bless you all....I love you Chad!!!

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Aug 26, 2012
Your son Chad
by: Malgosia

Dear, dear Phyllis, thank you for your comments to my blog"He promised me..." I am so sorry for your loss, mothers like us never got the pleasure to see our kids really happy, and that's pain of its own. But all life we been waiting for air "lost" sons to change their ways and live a happy lives. But we been waiting and we got the hope. Now, there is no hope. People say, don't grief his dead, celebrate his life, but they don't understand that are grief is bigger because we know are kids were not really happy since they torn to drugs or alcohol. Dear Phyllis, you are in my preyers, that will not ease the pain, but I like you to know, You can always talk to me about your loving son Chad. You can write to me on my space or if you wish, I can give you my E-mail address.

Jul 06, 2012
My Chad
by: Doreen England

Phyllis I am so very sorry for the loss of your youngest son Chad. You are in deep grief just now and of course it is unbearable pain. On this website we all know what you are saying. How you feel. And are here to support you in whatever way you need it. This is your child. Your Baby. Your precious Son. Of course it will hurt you for a very long time. Why do our children do this to us. They never listen. They don't realise the consequences of their actions leave a long trail of pain and sadness for the ones left behind. Chad has robbed you of being a mum to him. Of seeing him around. Of having him in your life. No parent wants their children to die before them. It doesn't seem natural but in reality it does happen more and more these days. It is when one marries that things can change. When drugs and alcohol are involved they bring tragedy. quarrells within the family. Unclear thinking. Difficulty with stopping. Not facing reality. living in an unreal world where one thinks it is easier to face life. and so it goes on and on. I am so glad Chad talked to Jesus. Hold onto this. If his life was right with God towards the end of his life. You will see him again. It is getting through each day that will be difficult. Phyllis you can only take one day at a time. It has been 8 weeks I lost my husband. I had a bad attack of grief this morning. I feel so lost just like you. How to go on even one day at a time is hard. I have 3 Adult children and I will always worry if they should die. But I cannot dwell on this otherwise I would stop living. All any of us can do as mothers is to put our children into the hands of God to look after and protect. Death actually is called in the Bible a good thing. Our troubles are over. Because man is born into sorrow till the day he dies. Ecclesiates in the Bible says. The day of one's death is better than the day of one's birth. Because we will have trouble in this fallen world. Phyllis I wish for you better days ahead of your grief. Post again if you need more support. or email me

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